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20+ Years In Entertainment

With twenty-plus years in entertainment industry, Metropolis Management strives to provide the highest level of services to our clients and customers. We are your one-stop for all types of acts and artists. As a trusted and respected agency, we lend considerable expertise and knowledge towards making every event a success for our customers. Continually seeking out new and fresh talent, Metropolis Management represents nationally-recognized Artists from Stage, TV and Motion Pictures. In addition to securing talented Artists, we develop relationships with our Artists so that every customer is working with a friendly, responsible and engaging performer–at Metropolis we want the customer to have the most positive experience and event.
Agency of the Year, Campus Activities Magazine, Readers’ Choice Awards nominee (2015, 2016)
We Work to Fit Your Needs With our staff’s extensive experiences as former Student Programmers and Professional Student Affairs professionals we understand the economic climate, deadlines and budget constraints. We are proud to advertise that over 90% of our incredibly talented roster is under $2,000 — we’re about providing the highest quality talent at the best possible price. What we Provide to Our Customers:
  • High-quality entertainment at an affordable price
  • Accessible, friendly and knowledgeable agents
  • Talent for Live Performance Events such as Comedy Shows, Concerts, Multicultural Events, Speakers and Spoken Word Artists at good prices.
  • We work with all types of budgets in order to meet your event needs
  • 20+ years of experience, industry knowledge and relationships
  • We are proud members of NACA, APCA, NODA, ACUI, AFLV, CADA, IAFE, RMAF, WFA and attend conferences hosted by NCORE, CUSP & ACUI.
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