Battle of The Sexes-Mens Edition

Last week we introduced you to some of the amazing women of comedy that we get the pleasure to work with at Metropolis. Now these ladies are incredible, but the men aren’t exactly slouches either! The men of comedy are diverse, edgy, and most of all raucously hilarious!

Their ranks include talents like Prashanth Venkataramanujam, the youngest winner of the Great American Comedy Festival in Chicago, and Imran G, who performs at renowned clubs throughout the San Francisco bay area with his provocative and relatable comedy style.

Then there’s Aman Ali, an award-winning storyteller and social media personality, who has appeared on NPR, CNN, and HBO with his engaging, thought-provoking material. And we can’t forget about our resident veterans, the always hilarious GIs of Comedy and former marine Jamarr John Johnson. We even have Kenneth Paryo, AKA Xclusive, a trained dancer who combines his amazing dance moves with a sharp wit and charming sense of humor.

With these talented men among our ranks, along with last week’s incomparable ladies, it’s hard to say who would win Metropolis’ battle of the sexes. We know we were way to busy laughing at these awesome comedians to pick a winner!

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