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Prashanth Venkatarmanujam’s name might be long, but its a PERFECT number and he’s happy about that!

He’s a NACA showcase regular, and his comedy routines bring forth our inner most thoughts on all of life’s lessons.

Don’t believe us…Check out his video on why having kids is a bad investment…

Life Lessons By Prashanth:
Having Kids
History In Public School
England’s Independence Day
Wine Tasting

Rock N Soul Sam Lee

Sam Lee crushed it at his NACA Nationals showcase and If you were in attendance, but wish you could’ve seen a longer show…YOU’RE IN LUCK!!

Love seeing shows that get you on your feet….shows that you think about long after they’re over…shows that speak to your inner Keith Richards…Then Sam Lee is just the guy for you.

Keep up with everything Sam Lee
Metropolis Page

Vote Sailesh!

We had the privilege to attend NACA Nationals and had a ABSOLUTE BLAST!! Sailesh may not have showcased, but he kicked butt and took names in the booth.

Don’t forget to cast your vote if you think he’s as AMAZING as we do!


#MetroMGMT #NACA15

Just a few suggestions if you’re not sure who to vote for in the other categories

#4 Best Small Venue Performer: Dan Henig
#5 Best Diversity Artist: Dynamic Duo
#6 Best Music Artist: Kazual
#7 Best Speaker: Aman Ali
#9 Best Male Performer: Eric Dittleman
#10 Fastest Rising Star: Kaycie Gunn
#11 Best Major Performer: Matt Franco
#14 Best Comedy Performer: Ronnie Jordan
#15 Best Campus Program Board: Stanford University, Southern New Hampshire University, University of Akron
#16 Best National Agency of the Year: Metropolis Management
#17 Entertainer of the Year: Sailesh

We're Back!!

We’re back in sunny California from NACA Nationals, and wanted to give you a little rundown of the NACA happenings.

Sam Lee & Prashanth Venkatarmanujam had stellar showcases
Sailesh, The Hypnotist & Premier Magician Nash Fung held down the booth
-It was “too cold to snow” (although we had a great time we are glad to be back in California)
-We celebrated Valentines day with friends
-And made connections with AWESOME Activities Boards

We are looking forward to APCA Nationals and the NACA Mid Atlantic Festival in the coming month!!

#TakeTheStage #NACA15 #MetroMGMT

Happy Valentines Day!!

Even though Valentine’s Day isn’t thought of as a REAL holiday by the cynics and hopeless romantics, pause your heart emoji sending and come stop by our booth to show some love!!

We will be at booth numbers 824 & 826.

Monday, swoon worthy Sam Lee will performing songs you can send to real and imaginary significant others. During this showcase let the heart emojis flow, and don’t forget the smile emoji with heart eyes <3 Tuesday, we have witty and honest comedian Prashanth Venkatarmanujam performing. Don't expect him to sugar coat love lost, but be prepared to leave with well prepared jabs at your ex in your pocket. #TakeTheStage #NACA15

Layovers..We Hate You, But We Will Take Lemons And Make Lemonade

We are currently in route to Minneapolis with a delayed flight. Doing some work during our wait, but here are some fun airport games for when your flight is delayed!!

Airport Shenanigans 2015 Edition….
-Stream these top 5 Netflix Movies/TV Shows: House Of Cards, Toy Story 3, Sherlock, Captain America: The First Avenger, F.R.I.E.N.D.S
-Spoil yourself at an Airport day spa or massage shop
-Chow down at a deluxe lounge buffet (you can even shower in the lounge…weird right?)
-Take a day trip during your layover
-Play a mean game of speed scrabble
-See how many strangers you can talk to in 10 minutes
-Make the airport your own personal arena and put on a performance they won’t forget

Let the games begin!!

#NACA15 #TakeTheStage

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