Katie Lee News! Showcasing at NACA Central 2014 and a Contestant in the Ryan Seacrest Cover Contest

Katie Lee

Vote for KATIE LEE. You heard it RIGHT! KATIE LEE with a K of course!


I want @katieleemusic to win RyanSeacrest.com’s Best Cover of @IggyAzalea’s “Fancy!” Vote here: http://onair.rs/1mRKlir

Give a round of applause to the awesome Naaaaaaaaash Fung! Magician Extraordinaire!

“Put the Fung back in magic!”

Why yes! Yes, we really did mean to spell Fung, because Metropolis Management has recently signed Seattle based magician Nash Fung! Event planners and audience members alike swear by Nash’s skills and showmanship. With 17 years of experience as a magician, this charismatic and innovative performer will make any event unforgettable!

Oh and Nash Fung, congrats on your upcoming showcase at NACA MidAtlantic this Fall!

Give it up for the awesome, Nash Fung!

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Singer, Writer, Storyteller Bobby Jo Valentine – Award Winning Pride Artist

Bobby Jo Valentine, a gay singer/songwriter based in San Francisco, is known for his honest, raw and lyrically strong sound. Bobby Jo is an influential part of the LGBT community, even performing as a headliner at San Diego Pride 2013. Recognized as Songwriter of the Year by the West Coast Songwriter’s Association, Bobby Jo has a talent for writing songs that reflect real life struggles and challenges while maintaining an optimistic message. Powerful and poetically charged, Bobby Jo’s music always sends a message of hope.

#bobbyjovalentine #music #awardwinning #metropolismanagement

Showcasing at NACA South – Ken "Xclusive" Paryo

Ken “Xclusive” Paryo takes the art of dance and infuses it with his own charming moves. Funny, friendly and forever entertaining, Ken has been on college and university campuses all over the United States. Ken’s performances have captivated smiling audiences all over the world. Metropolis Management is excited to see Ken’s energetic showcase at the upcoming NACA Regional Conference in Myrtle Beach this fall.

#popdance #energy #NACA #myrtlebeach #theartofdance #kennethparyo #xclusive

Tricks, Magic and Josh McVicar equal Lots of Fun!

Josh McVicar is a hilarious and talented magician and hypnotist who uses a distinctive blend of skill and showmanship to captivate his audience. With over 10 years of experience, Josh has performed for many major corporations and institutions, such as Six Flags, Mastercard International, and Dillard’s. Josh’s show is fast-paced and entrancing, showcasing his talent as both a magician and a performer. He relies on audience participation, creating a unique and interactive experience every time.

Josh brings together magic and comedy in seamless unity. He keeps the crowd on its toes with his side-splitting wit and mystifying magic tricks. When Josh is on stage, no one knows what’s coming next. The only guarantee the audience has during Josh’s show is that whatever happens next will leave them on the edge of their seats. Josh McVicar is an incredible and unforgettable option for any event or occasion!

Chris James – Fine British Comedy!

Chris James is a British comedian who’s taking the US by storm. Chris started out as a model in New York, but his love of comedy led to a career change. He performed improv and one-man shows at sold out theaters in New York, including the New York Comedy Club. After moving to LA, Chris performed at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Strip and The Laugh Factory.

Chris captures his audience’s attention and heart with his stand up act, using his witty story telling style and his talent for portraying hilarious characters to keep the crowd laughing all night. He has opened for opened for the Wayans Brothers, Godfrey, Margaret Cho, and many others, and he has showcased at NACA Mid-Atlantic and NACA Northern Plains. Chris has toured all over the UK, Europe, and South Africa, and now he’s delighting American audiences with his unique and side-splitting brand of comedy.

Book Chris James today!! www.MetropolisManagement.com / 877-536-5374 / info@metropolismanagement.com

One Man…Thousands of Sounds: Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is a spontaneous and innovative musician who uses his incredible talent and flexibility to perform sets entirely based on audience suggestion. Gary literally gives out his phone number to the crowd at the beginning of his show, so that every performance is 100% unique and tailored to its specific audience. Gary does fantastic shows for college students, and was even named Campus Activities Magazine 2014 Musician of the Year. He also performs at weddings and other venues, showcasing his versatile style.

In addition to being able to cover virtually any song you could think of, Gary writes and performs original music. He put out his debut album earlier this year, which sold out of print within weeks of its release. Gary collaborated with former members of The Fray and Seether on the album, combining elements of pop, rock, and Gary’s own unique brand of creativity to create a unforgettable musical experience!

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