NACA South

In just one week, NACA South will be gearing up for their annual conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! It’s going to be an amazing experience for all the students, volunteers, and campus representatives who attend, and Metropolis Management is thrilled to be sending three of our incredible artists!

Acapella sensation Kazual and dancer/comedian extraordinaire Xclusive were two of only 60 acts selected to showcase at the conference, and Sailesh, known by many as the best hypnotist in the world, has the honor of performing as one of the exclusive late night acts! We’re so excited for these amazing performers, and we can barely wait for NACA South to start!

Xclusive will be showcasing and we hope Sailesh and Kazual are bumped from alternate to showcasing for you!

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#TBT-Kaycie Gunn

Smart Rapping….never heard if it?

Kaycie Gunn is rhyming Muammar Gaddafi with Summa Cum Laude in a free verse mix she created! Even though she released it a month ago, we are still considering it a throwback.

Check it out!

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Prashanth Venkataramanujam-A little visual snack to get you through the week!

We all have our moments when we are just extremely ready for the weekend and are a little crabby as a result. Learn to be as quick witted as this guy, and any insult thrown your way can be made into a comedy act.

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Artist Spotlight-Sarah & The Meanies

A powerful, enchanting, empowering, lyrical genius of a song covered by Sarah & The Meanies

“Resolution”-Matt Corby

Check out a powerfully raw S&TM rendition (song starts at 1:30-2:55)!
Spend a year with the Meanies

What a better way to start your weekend than to see one of their shows.

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 9.56.00 AM

What’s your resolution for the coming year?

#resolution #cover #mattcorby

Battle of The Sexes-Mens Edition

Last week we introduced you to some of the amazing women of comedy that we get the pleasure to work with at Metropolis. Now these ladies are incredible, but the men aren’t exactly slouches either! The men of comedy are diverse, edgy, and most of all raucously hilarious!

Their ranks include talents like Prashanth Venkataramanujam, the youngest winner of the Great American Comedy Festival in Chicago, and Imran G, who performs at renowned clubs throughout the San Francisco bay area with his provocative and relatable comedy style.

Then there’s Aman Ali, an award-winning storyteller and social media personality, who has appeared on NPR, CNN, and HBO with his engaging, thought-provoking material. And we can’t forget about our resident veterans, the always hilarious GIs of Comedy and former marine Jamarr John Johnson. We even have Kenneth Paryo, AKA Xclusive, a trained dancer who combines his amazing dance moves with a sharp wit and charming sense of humor.

With these talented men among our ranks, along with last week’s incomparable ladies, it’s hard to say who would win Metropolis’ battle of the sexes. We know we were way to busy laughing at these awesome comedians to pick a winner!

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OMG, Metropolis is online!

At Metropolis Management, we’ve always tried to find the best ways to connect with our artists, and with you! You can stalk us on Facebook at Metropolis Management, or follow us on Twitter @metropolismgmt. You can subscribe to us on YouTube at metromanagement for videos of our artists and their incredible talents. And now, we’re excited to say we’ve joined Instagram too! Find us at and follow for pictures of your favorite Metropolis artists. Follow/subscribe/friend us all over social media to keep up to date on what Metropolis’ incredible artists are doing. Don’t miss out!

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Battle Of The Sexes

Anything Men Can Do, Women Do Better
Melissa Shoshahi, Giulia Rozzi, and Shanti Charan are giving the men of comedy a run for their money.

The unexpected humor that emerges from these charming personalities are laugh-out-loud funny!

Some of the most talented comedians are women (Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler), and the misconception is that they are less hilarious than men. These Metropolis Management female comedians are here to prove those naysayers wrong.

#womenvsmen #comedywoman #comedyshow #collegeentertainment

Xclusive: TRIPLE THREAT-A person who excels in comedy, acting AND dancing

The way Xclusive seamlessly flows through comedy and dance in one performance is mind-blowing. His tribute to the late Michael Jackson added so many elements (voice over, music, comedy, and dance), displaying his unparalleled talents.

Stumbled upon this video in the video archive…CHECK IT OUT!

#triplethreat #triplethreatthursday #michaeljacksonforever #michaeljacksonart

Congrats to Panama Soweto of Dynamic Duo on being selected to speak for Tedx!

Panama Soweto and Ken Arkind have traveled all over the country for years as the Dynamic Duo, slam poets and activists who use their talent to change the world. Covering topics as diverse as video games, politics, depression, comic books, racism, and relationships, these two incredible poets weave together artistry and activism to create a one of a kind, deeply moving performance. Poetry’s self-proclaimed “favorite crime fighting pair,” they are known for their creativity, commitment, and desire to make the world a better place.

Last year, Ken Arkind gave a Tedx talk on what happens when hip hop culture, young people, and poetry meet. This phenomenal speech explored issues of class race, and the importance of creative outlets in the lives of young people. Along with Ken’s inspired talk last year, Panama Soweto has recently been selected to give a Tedx speech at Colorado State University. The talk will be entitled “Know Better, Do Better,” and is inspired by the life and work of Dr. Maya Angelou. Panama is excited and honored to be chosen as part of this wonderful event. Go check out Ken’s Tedx talk on YouTube, and don’t miss out on Panama this October!

Check out Ken’s talk!:

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