Thinking Ahead

Thinking Ahead

We know that tomorrow is when most people officially start thinking about the Holiday Season, but we also know that most of you have planned (and in some cases have already had) your events. Now that 2017 is winding down we encourage you to look ahead to 2018, and all the wonders it will bring. The key to planning a fantastic event is making sure that you’re organized – and booking your talent is one of the top priorities. Make sure you’re ahead of the game!! Check out our incredible talent roster and book now!!




Tuesday Tunes – Brazilian 2wins!

Tuesday Tunes – Brazilian 2wins!
It’s time for another Tuesday Tunes highlight from yours truly – Metropolis Management. This week we would like to bring your attention to the very talented Brazilian 2wins. They’ve been with us for a long time, and continue to impress us with their amazing talent and stage presence.

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B2wins Violin Twins

The Change We Have Been Waiting For


Unless you’ve been living totally obscured from the daily news you have likely been inundated with political conversations since November of last year. Russia. Emails. Student Loan Debt. Sexual Assault. It seems that any major topic we might have discussed on campus when I was student or even when I was a student affairs professional, has entered the political sphere. Frankly, as someone who works around politics, it’s exhausting – and I’ve devoted my career to this, so I can only imagine how everyone else feels. But the reality is, we have to talk about it for one big reason.



Not simply because control of the U.S. House and potentially the U.S. Senate hang in the balance – which they do – But because for the first time ever, Millennials will become the largest voting bloc in the United States of America. That’s right in 2018 Millennials will surpass baby boomers as the largest voting population in the country. The real question is, will they rise to the occasion? Regardless of party affiliation, which millennials have shown to care less and less about, will the issues affecting them drive them to the polls? Put another way, will millennials be “the change they wish to see in the world?” because in 2018 they will finally have their chance.

As educators and folks who work with student populations we have to act NOW to make sure students are ready to vote in 2018. We need to make sure they understand how they are directly impacted by decisions being made and how they can impact the entire country by turning out to vote for those who care about the same issues they do. Millennials can make their mark on the country in 2018 but first they have to Make Their Mark and Vote.

Contributed by Lonnie Scott


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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Metropolis!

Thanksgiving Around the World

It’s that time of year again, where we reflect on the year gone by and make a mental (or even physical) list of all the things that we are thankful for. We take much needed time to spend with the ones we cherish the most – and of course, eat way too much food.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Metropolis Management!! We hope you have an amazing long weekend. 



Tuesday Tunes – Introducing Illphonics!!


iLLPHONiCS is more than a band, it’s an identity. All five individuals in the band are founding members, and since 2006, they’ve consistently made some of the most groundbreaking music that has come out of the Midwest. From Mound City (St. Louis, MO), iLLPHONiCS is one of the few bands that can tastefully blend rap vocals with strong musical composition and live performance.

It’s the hybrid of different musical styles and cultures that makes iLLPHONiCS such an undeniable force. With the kind of energy that can keep a crowd moving, iLLPHONiCS has the power to hold an audience’s attention from the first note until the last.

Having shared the stage with artists like the Roots, RJD2, and Lupe Fiasco, as well as performing at numerous festivals, including Wakarusa, iLLPHONiCS are ready to connect with listeners as diverse as their sound.

Welcome to the Metropolis Management family – we’re thrilled to have you on board. Cheers to many many successful years of working together.

A great conference season!

A great conference season!

We wanted to say THANK YOU – from everyone at Metropolis Management. Conference season is always a busy, but really exciting time. We could not be more proud of all our talented individuals (and groups) that performed at each conference – they did such an amazing job. On top of that we are thankful for all the new friends we made along the way. So, once again, a big thank you to everyone for making 2017 conference season one to remember!

Tuesday Tunes – Kate McRae

Now that conference season is over we can get back to our regular artist highlights on Tuesday – yay! This week we want to highlight Kate McRae, one of our many talented musicians. She is an amazing musician, and also fearless – moving to Nashville after high school to pursue a country music career. We think that’s pretty impressive! She has been singing, writing, and performing for as long as she can remember, and it shows in both her music and her amazing stage presence.

Metropolis Management at NACA West Region!

NACA West Region starts today and we are SO exciting about it. Take a look at the awesome talent we have representing us – as well as the amazing agents who will be manning our booth!!

If you’re there don’t be shy – stop by and take a photo with us for our SnapChat story! We are looking forward to meeting you.

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