Chris James – Fine British Comedy!

Chris James is a British comedian who’s taking the US by storm. Chris started out as a model in New York, but his love of comedy led to a career change. He performed improv and one-man shows at sold out theaters in New York, including the New York Comedy Club. After moving to LA, Chris performed at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Strip and The Laugh Factory.

Chris captures his audience’s attention and heart with his stand up act, using his witty story telling style and his talent for portraying hilarious characters to keep the crowd laughing all night. He has opened for opened for the Wayans Brothers, Godfrey, Margaret Cho, and many others, and he has showcased at NACA Mid-Atlantic and NACA Northern Plains. Chris has toured all over the UK, Europe, and South Africa, and now he’s delighting American audiences with his unique and side-splitting brand of comedy.

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One Man…Thousands of Sounds: Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is a spontaneous and innovative musician who uses his incredible talent and flexibility to perform sets entirely based on audience suggestion. Gary literally gives out his phone number to the crowd at the beginning of his show, so that every performance is 100% unique and tailored to its specific audience. Gary does fantastic shows for college students, and was even named Campus Activities Magazine 2014 Musician of the Year. He also performs at weddings and other venues, showcasing his versatile style.

In addition to being able to cover virtually any song you could think of, Gary writes and performs original music. He put out his debut album earlier this year, which sold out of print within weeks of its release. Gary collaborated with former members of The Fray and Seether on the album, combining elements of pop, rock, and Gary’s own unique brand of creativity to create a unforgettable musical experience!

Dan Henig and Skyler joining forces to bring you one musical tour!

Dan Henig and Skyler will be joining forces this September on a whirlwind tour like no other! Launching on September 13 in Chicago, heading through Missouri and into Michigan and wrapping up on the East Coast at the end of September.

Dan Henig, a brilliant performer and lyrical genius, has long dazzled audiences with his catchy melodies and soulful lyrics. Dan’s incredible talent and commitment to his craft shines through every song. Skyler is a talented lyricist and performer, performing original music since he was in his teens and playing over 300 gigs. Both Dan and Skyler play multiple instruments and pay special attention to lyrics and melody. Dan’s and Skyler’s styles are both unique, and they complement each other incredibly well. Together they offer a one of a kind experience with two amazing artists. Their managements are collaborating to coordinate booking; book today to become a part of this remarkable and distinctive tour!

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National Celebrity Profile – Comedian, Jessimae Peluso

Jessimae Peluso is “a bottle rocket with a pulse,” headed in only the expected, upward trajectory of a firecracker & ready to explode. The self-proclaimed “insecure narcissist,” Jessimae has founded a solid comic reputation in New York City & beyond, slaying audiences with her unequivocal, straightforward, ravishingly raw humor.

Jessimae leapt onto the small screen as well with appearances on The Tyra Banks Show, The Bethenny Show, & E!’s Chelsea Lately. She made a couple appearances on MTV’s Failosophy & is a regular on MTV’s hit show Girl Code & coming soon, Jessimae will be hosting MTV’s Spring Break: Cancun. She’s been named “one of the funniest comedian to follow on Twitter” by The Huffington Post.

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Larry Wilmore, An Educated Approach

Larry Wilmore was recently announced as Stephen Colbert’s successor on Comedy Central. The Minority Report, with Larry Wilmore will fill The Colbert Report’s time slot and satirical void.

A long time correspondent on The Daily Show, Wilmore has offered commentary that is both profound and hilarious. Larry’s comedy is razor sharp and precise, he has no need for vulgarity or cheap laughs. With a dry and quick wit, Larry tackles contemporary and relevant topics and current events. Politics, culture, business and racial issues are all fair game!

With The Minority Report launching January 2015, Larry will be touring the country, introducing the sharp wit and smart comedy to a new generation of viewers within the college and university market.

Time is running out! Call today to book this intelligent and hilarious comedian before he is FAR TOO busy and important!


Raghav: International Phenomenon with Mainstream Appeal

Metropolis Management is so excited to introduce Raghav to our US friends and clients! Raghav is an INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR and the kind of artist that other musicians aspire to become.

A native of Canada, he has sold over 1.3 million albums in the UK, and has the sixth bestselling album of all-time in India. Raghav’s diverse and eclectic approach blends R&B influences and hip hop style with an international flavor, creating a one of a kind pop sound.

His music is full of life, vigor and excitement.  With a melodic and vibrant beat, listeners would be hard-pressed not to CUT LOOSE and MOVE to the music.  Employing artistic fusion of many genres and styles, Raghav creates an audio atmosphere that is warm, inviting and invigorating.  His appeal is UNDENIABLE and unavoidable.

Raghav recently collaborated on and contributed a track for Disney’s Million Dollar Arm soundtrack.

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We’d like to Thank…..

It probably goes without saying that we believe that the artists on our roster are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the bee’s knees…. You get the idea.

Well, it turns out, we aren’t the only ones who can’t get enough of GP/Metropolis talent! This year, several of our artists were celebrated and honored to receive awards and accolades.  We couldn’t be prouder of these artists and what they’ve accomplished!

Sailesh – Premier Hypnotist

Sailesh, our flagship artist, was honored by peers and clients for his innovative and ever-evolving approach to his craft. In an EXTREMELY tight race, Sailesh became runner up for Male Entertainer of the Year with Campus Activities Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards.  He was also awarded Hypnotist of the Year by APCA at their National convention in March.

Gary Johnson – Singer / Songwriter and Live Loop Performer

The innovation, artistry and talent of Gary Johnson and his 100% Text request based show were recognized and celebrated by the readers of Campus Activities Magazine as they awarded him 2014 Male Singer of the Year!

The following artist, received the honor of being Nominated for 2014 Campus Activities Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards:

Joel Meyers – Comedy Magician

Austin Walkin’ Cane – Blues and R&B Musician

Eric Mina – Comedy Hypnotist


At this very moment, in High Schools across the country, the class of 2014 is preparing.  Preparing academically and emotionally, to complete their coursework and to celebrate this new stage of life as an (sort of) adult away from their parents’ watchful eye…. These little birdies are leaving the nest … packing up their dreams and ideals, spreading their wings and soaring to your campus this fall!

Orientation is a celebration and rite of passage that should be met with nothing less than raw enthusiasm!  Let us ring in the school year with you, and help the High School class of 2014 transition to your graduating class of 2018!!

Sailesh  – Looking for a guaranteed “home run” for 2014 fall orientation, Sailesh is your man!  This premier hypnotist is the best of the best with unparalleled showmanship and an innovative approach. Sailesh will deliver an orientation that is interactive, community building, HILARIOUS and ultimately uplifting.

Gary Johnson  – Break away from the ordinary with Gary Johnson.  Gary’s shows are 100% text request, with set lists created on the fly.  With live loop technology Gary can create a full band sound to suit any genre from hip hop to ballads.

Kazual – Using only their vocal instruments, Kazual’s sound is SMOOTH, RICH and REFINED incorporating elements Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop.  Blending beats with ballads, these guys bring an audience to their feet and make ladies swoon.  With crowd-pleasing covers and original arrangements, Kazual is SERIOUS entertainment.

Xclusive aka Ken Paryo –  This multi-talented and multi-dimensional performer utilizes physicality, inventive artistry, and pop culture to FLAT OUT entertain an audience. Through hip-hop/anime dance, audience interaction, and stand up comedy, Xclusive DELIVERS and keeps his fans wanting more!

Dan Henig –  An interactive performer presenting popular covers woven in with amazing original material, Dan Henig is the master of remaining accessible without “selling out”  – to fully embrace the poetic depth of songwriting while giving his audience an ironic wink.  With audience participation and relatable material, Dan creates memorable performances!

Dynamic DuoThese slam poets infuse every performance with pop culture, humor and social awareness that is both relatable and insightful.  Audiences experience all the grit and credibility of a poetry slam with an accessible approach that is both thought provoking and enjoyable.

Jenna Norwood – Jenna is a raw foods crusader and health advocate who tours the country speaking with audiences about a natural and balanced approached to life that begins with what we eat.  Jenna is the perfect speaker to give the school year a healthy start!

Relationship Status Update: Gary Johnson & Metropolis Management–Going Steady!

Gary Johnson has been a longtime member of the GP Entertainment family.  The men of GP have been absolute gladiators for Gary, introducing his innovative and versatile approach to the College and University Market.  Metropolis Management is proud and excited to expand our working relationship with Gary Johnson as we will now be providing him with management services. We know that there are BIG THINGS in store for this new partnership, within the College/University Market AND BEYOND!

Gary Johnson is a spontaneous and talented musician who starts every show by giving the audience his phone number, and uses their requests to create a one of a kind set every single time! A solo act, Gary uses Live Looping technology, layering instrumental and vocal tracks, to create a full band sound.

Gary is both incredibly gifted and passionate about music. He can play songs from ANY and EVERY GENRE, incorporating his own style and audience requests to make something AMAZING. He has a unique approach to performing, interacting with his fans to turn every show into a collaborative and spontaneous EVENT!  More than anything, he loves to create interesting, ONE OF A KIND music with the help of his audience. Metropolis Management is thrilled to be working with such a BRILLIANT and enthusiastic artist!

Gary was recently announced Musician of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine. He is IN DEMAND across the country, and his fan base is expanding everyday. To learn more about Gary and his music, click here.

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Chris Moon is Running for ONSITE at NACA Northern Plains

Chris Moon is the founder of “Haunted Times Magazine,” voted best magazine by the International Paranormal Acknowledgement Committee (IPAC). He has appeared on truTV’s “Door to the Dead,” NBC’s, “The Today Show,” A&E’s “Paranormal State,” and the Travel Channel’s “Most Extreme Places to Stay” and “Ghost Adventures.” Moon was also named Best Male Instrumental Transcommunicator and Best Real Time Spirit Communication.

For a mind-blowing, fun- filled experience of the paranormal LIVE, pick up a ballot at the registration, VOTE Chris Moon, and submit ballot to any NACA official.

GP/ Metropolis Booths: 423-431

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