APCA Nationals 2017


This week, we are traveling to Orlando, Florida to attend APCA Nationals! Come see us during Exhibit Hall to meet our showcasing artists and presenters!

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Nash Fung


Thursday, March 9, 2017

3:30 pm

Coffee House Showcase  









AJ Young


Thursday, March 9, 2017

9:00 pm

Dinner Showcase




Sierra DeMulder

Award-Winning Performance Poet

Friday, March 10, 2017

4:00 pm

Purposeful Programming






Kelsey Tainsh

Overcoming Challenges Speaker

Friday, March 10, 2017

4:00 pm

Purposeful Programming










Soulful Musician

Friday, March 10, 2017

9:30 pm

Dinner Showcase










Improv Comedy Meets Japanese Game Show!  

Saturday, March 11, 2017

1:00 pm Lunch Showcase


9:30 pm

Late Night Showcase


Ed Session Presenters



Joshua Fredenburg

Kelsey Tainsh

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Making the Most of May

In May, we celebrate National Mental Health Month, National Stroke Awareness Month, National Day of Prayer, Cinco de Mayo, Spring Flings, Graduations… . Not to mention many campuses close their doors for a much needed summer break!! Metropolis Management is proud to provide speakers and entertainers that can meet your programming needs for all purposes. Take a look at what we think fits in nicely for your May calendar!

Hoan Do — our very own American Ninja Warrior, offers “Turn your Stress into Success.”

After suffering a stroke by the age of 15, Kelsey Tainsh can share the challenges and the VICTORIES in “What’s in YOUR Pocket?

My Body Sings Electric is a group of lovable misfits performing Indie, Pop, Alternative music. Perfect for your end of the year or Spring bash.

Need a speaker for Graduation or a ceremony that will not be forgotten? Book David Coleman for unbeatable encouragement and life skills advice.












Check out our entire roster at www.metropolismanagement.com and contact one of our agents today!

Make Your Next Event Memorable With Music!

Metropolis Management is proud to offer a wide range of DJs, EDM Performers, and Dance Party Productions.



From open format DJs, to elaborate Electronic Dance Music productions, to Headphone Parties, our performers are some of the best in the market, and have the experience to cater to the needs of your event and venue.

Regardless of the size of your venue, or your budget, we can help you plan and execute a stellar event!


March brings awareness to Nutrition and Women’s History

The month of March brings us National Nutrition Month and Women’s History Month. Metropolis Management has some great options for you to bring these topics to your campus or organization!

For National Nutrition Month awareness

Meet Katie Willcox, the creator of “Healthy is the New Skinny.” Willcox speaks out against harmful advertising and encourages people from all world to model healthy body image and self love by living an authentic healthy lifestyle. As a public speaker, Willcox aims to educate, inform, and empower girls and women to rise up against media manipulation and teaches them how to protect against it.

Willcox is also the founder of Natural Model Management, a thriving Los Angeles based modeling agency that encourages models to be at a natural and healthy weight.

Metropolis Management celebrates Women’s History Month!

Sierra DeMulder – Spoken Word

Jinahie – Spoken Word

Coach Sherry Winn – Leadership

Tish Norman – Greek Life Presenter



Variety of Themes in April – We can Cover Them All!

It is really no surprise that April is Stress Awareness month. There is the dreaded April 15 tax deadline, impending dates for finals on many campuses, and the fact that the resolutions you made in January to get your body beach-fit by summer are fading fast… Metropolis Management has just the solution!

We have speakers and trainers who can help you address your stress and come up with stress-busters you can use everyday. Our comedians will prove that LAUGHTER truly is the best medicine.


National Poetry Month brings the opportunity to bring spoken word to your campus or organization.
Our roster includes Award Winning Slam Poets, authors, lyricists and advocates.
Meet Jinahie, OVEOUS, Panama Soweto, Rudy Francisco, and Sierra DeMulder.



Metropolis Management has some of the best training for sexual assault avoidance and awareness.
Our flagship speaker, David Coleman, offers some of the best training on relationships, consent, and dating. Widely referred to as “The Dating Doctor,” David can bring the serious topic of sex to your audience in a
safe, accepting and educational manner. Title IX training for staff, faculty and students is what attorney Adam Lambert does best. Sexual Assault Awareness Month is highlighted in April.


The Science of Love

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we all know love can be both wonderful and frustrating. But whether you’re in a romantic relationship right now or not, there’s no denying that the science of love is incredibly interesting!



Dawn Maslar M.S. is an adjunct biology professor and researcher in the science of love.

After publishing a book on relationships based on her own experiences, she began an intensive study in the science of love. Her ground-breaking findings, including the four phases of love, are destined to become the new standard. Based on this work, she partnered with TedxEd to create videos on the science of love for classroom, as well as general use. She also was a featured speaker at TedxBocaRaton with How Your Brain Falls in Love.

Dawn is an accomplished presenter who has been a featured expert for a variety of new sources such as FOX 31, Pittsburgh Tribune, NBC6 and NPR.       

Art in Motion: Mike Debus

A lifelong resident of Kansas City, KS, Mike Debus has always had a passion for painting. After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, he spent a few years in Corporate America before pursuing his dream to become a full-time artist.

In 2008, Mike was asked to paint live on stage at a large youth conference. Initially, he hesitated but eventually accepted the challenge and found the experience exhilarating and inspiring! Since then, Mike has made performance painting his focus. His creative mission continues as he takes his talents around the country to entertain audiences of all sizes.

Mike combines music, paint, and movement to give audiences a truly one of a kind experience!

Along with creating extraordinary images in a matter of minutes, Mike adds value to communities. Typically, after a 60-minute performance, three painting are completed. One painting is presented to the organization as a gift, and two more are donated to the organization to raffle off. This gives attendees an opportunity to possess a keepsake from this experience, and the group raises funds!

Don’t miss Mike Debus showcasing at this year’s NACA Nationals Conference (Feb. 18-22 in Baltimore, MD) and NACA Northern Plains (March 30-April 2 in St. Paul, MN)

Kelsey’s Kindness Tour

There’s much discussion these days about the topics of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. Practicing kindness, compassion, empathy, and gratitude is sometimes easier said than done. If the way we feel doesn’t match what’s going on around us, it can be easier to hide our true selves. We are proud of the presenters on the Metropolis-Coleman Speaks’ roster who address these issues on college campuses across the country every day. One of our speakers has a particularly timely message for students when it comes to celebrating our differences.


Kelsey Tainsh will present her workshop, “Pockets: What They Hold? What They Hide?” at the Girl Bullying & Empowerment National Conference taking place in Orlando, Florida March 3-5, 2017. This presentation is one of many Kelsey has scheduled on her “Kindness Tour” this spring. She will present at conferences, colleges, and middle and high schools around the U.S.

“As children, it seems that if we don’t fit in, we stand out. So we hide our secrets and differences in our pockets to prevent being bullied. The key to changing this lies in teaching kids to share and embrace their differences, and the uniqueness of others.” -Kelsey Tainsh

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