Artist Highlight – The Body Poets

Artist Highlight – The Body Poets

The Body Poets are an eclectic group of dancers who harness the raw energy of street performance and dress it up for the stage with unique costumes and special effects.

“It went VERY well. The group was flexible, engaging, and lots of fun” – Adams State University

To learn more about them and see what they are up to check out their Facebook Page.

For booking information please click here.


Tuesday Tunes – Plastic Musik

Happy Tuesday! This week we want to highlight a really fun group called Plastic Musik, great for both corporate and school events. These guys are AWESOME! By using all plastic instruments, including a product known as “Boomwhackers,” Plastic Musik is able to put an unexpected twist on some of the most recognizable songs of our time.

Be sure to head on over to their Facebook Page to stay up-to-date with what they are doing.

And if you’re interested in booking them for your next event click here!

Melissa is ready to showcase at NACA NE!

Melissa Shoshahi is a comedian who knows how to #MakeAnImpact! Don’t miss her showcase performance at this year’s NACA Northeast! #NACANE

You’ve seen her YouTube show, Lame Times With Mel, now see her in person! Melissa Shoshahi is a showcasing artist at this year’s NACA Northeast. Her witty stand-up and hilarious impressions will leave you breathless from laughter!

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The Body Poets – They will rock your campus!

THE BODY POETS (Instagram quick clip) from joyce jiawan on Vimeo.

Live on campus, The Body Poets are known to bring a very unique Street and stage theatrical performance. Their interactive performance includes dance, music, improv, audience participation, and a whole lot of oooh and awes! The Body Poets are champion performers and are at the top of their game. They should be at the top of your college experience, so contact your student activities board and have them book The Body Poets!

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