Comedian Jamarr John Johnson!

Jamarr John Johnson is a veteran with an insatiable appetite for humor and a love of entertaining. Throughout his 14 years in the military, his time working at an assisted living facility, and everything else he’s done in life, Jamarr has kept a smile on his face and always worked to make other people laugh. No stranger to hard work and dedication, Jamarr has perfected his act over years of performances, and no one walks away from his show without a smile on their face.

Jamarr began his comedy career at a club on the south beach of Monterey, where he eventually performed in the feature position. Since then Jamarr has played at major clubs all over the United States, from New York, to Los Angeles, to San Francisco and Boston. He’s used his incredible talent and charisma to perform for charity events and raise money for disaster relief. He has appeared in commercials, on MTV, on ABC’s Katie Show, and NBC’s Dr. Oz Show. Jamarr is a gifted and entertaining comedian who never fails to leave an audience crying from laughing!

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