Consultation Services

Event Consultation Services

We know that sometimes, choosing programs to book at your campus can be overwhelming. Metropolis’ consulting offers a multi-pronged approach to problem solving. Our team can help craft a highly-customized solution using members of our speaking and facilitation teams.

One talented individual, or a small team, can help you distill the issues and give you a place to start. Consultations can take a number of forms, might involve several meetings or just one.  We will listen to your needs and wants for your upcoming event or conference and then present you with a variety of solutions to suit your needs.

Metropolis Management and Coleman Speaks are committed to finding creative and innovative solutions to help you plan the perfect event.

Meet with one of our consultants via conference call, web chat, or in person Evaluate programming needs
Discuss budget and venue options and restrictions Look at performer / speaker options Determine the optimal programming plan Schedule and contract the event(s)

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We’d love to sit in via conference call during your next board meeting and tell you about all the different ways we can help make your speaking engagements and live events larger than life.

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