TC VanHooreweghe

Corporate Venture Manager – North America. Colleges & Universities – Canada
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(877) 536-5374 x218

Bridget Callahan

Fairs & Festivals Booking Facilitator – Eastern North America
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(877) 536-5374 x202

Amanda Farnum

College Booking Facilitator – Mid Atlantic, Northeast, and South Regions 
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(877) 536-5374 x206

Libby Netzer

College Booking Facilitator – Northern Plains Region (Entertainment)

Fairs & Festivals Booking Facilitator – North America
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Debbie Manning

College Booking Facilitator – Mid America Region (Speakers & Entertainment)
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Amy Schmitt

College Booking Facilitator Northern Plains & West Regions (Speakers)
College Booking Facilitator Central and West Regions (Speakers & Entertainment)
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877-536-5374 x207


Joyce Jiawan

Director of Operations / Senior Agent
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877-536-5374 x101


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Contracts Department

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Affiliates (Canada/Intl) 

Peter Kaz
One 11 Entertainment