Dan Henig and Skyler joining forces to bring you one musical tour!

Dan Henig and Skyler will be joining forces this September on a whirlwind tour like no other! Launching on September 13 in Chicago, heading through Missouri and into Michigan and wrapping up on the East Coast at the end of September.

Dan Henig, a brilliant performer and lyrical genius, has long dazzled audiences with his catchy melodies and soulful lyrics. Dan’s incredible talent and commitment to his craft shines through every song. Skyler is a talented lyricist and performer, performing original music since he was in his teens and playing over 300 gigs. Both Dan and Skyler play multiple instruments and pay special attention to lyrics and melody. Dan’s and Skyler’s styles are both unique, and they complement each other incredibly well. Together they offer a one of a kind experience with two amazing artists. Their managements are collaborating to coordinate booking; book today to become a part of this remarkable and distinctive tour!

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