Happy Independence Day!

Not a long day blog today, but given the day we felt the need to write a thank you! To start we want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day and a very fun filled 4th of July! Just like all of you we feel very blessed to live in a country that celebrates and expresses our independence in the ways we do!

We all owe a great deal of thanks for this celebration to the brave men and women who protect all us here at home! Here at Metropolis we want to extend a special thank you to our own soldiers apart of the GI’s of comedy!

I These comedic geniuses are all either active or retired soldiers of US military! Their brave service and hard work has carried throughout their entire life and will continue to inspire us all!

These soldiers have defended our country and can make any crowd laugh out loud! Believe us when we say they defend any reputation of comedic genius!

Happy Independence Day to all citizens and a special thanks on this great day to all of the soldiers protecting us! Now go enjoy some cookout food!

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