NACA Mid America Lineup!

Just when you thought we might be done announcing NACA Lineups we just bounce right back and hit you with another! Today we are telling you about our artists who have been selected for NACA Mid America! Before we give away the names of such artists we just want to say congratulations to all of the artists selected for this conference and especially to ours! Your hard work, dedication, and perseverance is paying off and we wish the best of luck and many bookings! We have one very exciting, and familiar to some, artist who has been selected among the few to a Spotlight High Showcase Slot! This such artist is none other than Dan Henig! For those of you that don’t know Dan Henig is a creative musician and songwriter with a knack for storytelling. His musical style can be described as a soulful blend of Pop and R&B, with lyrically driven melodies which are bound to stick with you long after you listen. Dan started getting involved with music after a neck injury in high school prevented him from pursuing college football. Driven to succeed in the music industry, Henig moved to Nashville for a year to hone in on his songwriting craft. Now, living in Los Angeles, Henig has been writing songs with some of the biggest names in music. Maybe you haven’t seen him perform and maybe for a select some you haven’t heard of Dan Henig, however, you probably have heard his work! As Dan’s music has made appearances on the former CBS hit show “Life Unexpected” and he currently has close to 175k Youtube subscribers with over 16 Million views! All of this solidifies the reputation Dan Henig worked toward and we know his performance at NACA Mid America will only furthermore put it on display and make you fall in love and want to see him again! While Dan Henig is the only one that Metropolis has locked in as performing we do have a slew of alternate slots as well! Our alternate selections include the talent of Jinahie, iCon, and Kyla Lacey! All three of these Spoken Word champions would be sure to shatter the mic and leave your jaws on the floor, fingers snapping along, and voice going “mmmhhmmm!!” It is for this reason and of course others we hope they get an opportunity to perform!     We look forward to seeing you all at this years NACA Mid America and we hope you are blown away with all the performances, especially Metropolis own Dan Henig and the hopeful performances of Jinahie, iCon, and Kyla Lacey! Come stop by the booth to meet us all and hang out with some of our artists!
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