NACA Mid-Atlantic Lineup!

Now we have already announced and congratulated our artists performing at NACA Central and NACA South, but today it is time announce for NACA Mid Atlantic! This year Metropolis Management and Entertainment group have 4 artists performing in different categories!

Kicking off the line up is the creative comedian songwriter Dan Henig! Dan will be an emcee at this year’s 2019 NACA Mid-Atlantic! His knack for storytelling through his songs has entertained and amazed crowds all around and we are sure he will do the same for those attendance!

Our next performer is assuming a spotlight high position at this year’s NACA Mid-Atlantic! It is no other than the music group J-Line! New to our family, but not new to the stage this group will leave you rocking in your seats and wanting more!

Coming at you next as a sampler for the conference is the always entertaining Snap Boogie! A sort of jack of all trades Snap Boogie’ s dance performance and crowd interaction is certain to entertain, uplift, and amaze you all!

Batting cleanup for us at this year’s NACA Mid Atlantic is a familiar face to the NACA crowd! It is the magician that has confused you all before Josh Mcvicar! With Josh you don’t just get your jaw dropped by the magic but also his Midwestern charm and comedic personality!

Congratulations to all of our artists performing at this year’s NACA Mid-Atlantic conference! Your hard work, dedication, and discipline to your talents is truly paying off! We are so proud of each of you and look forward to amazing conference! To all those in attendance be on the lookout for all of us as we would love to meet!

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