NACA Mid Atlantic Showcasing Artists Announced

NACA’s Mid Atlantic Region Conference will take place this fall October 13th through 16th in Charleston, South Carolina.

This week, NACA announced which artists have been selected to showcase at the conference. We are proud to announce that five of our talented acts will showcase and four additional have been listed as alternates!


Lecture Showcase:

Amber Galloway Gallego

Amber Galloway-Gallego

Nationally renowned for her work as an ASL Hip Hop Interpreter, Amber Galloway-Gallego has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a Sign Language Rap battle featuring Wiz Khalifa. She also was featured in Rolling Stone and O Magazines. Amber is not only in the limelight when she’s on stage with big name celebrities, she’s actively working to educate everyone that deaf people wish to experience music in the same way hearing people connect emotionally to sounds. In addition, Amber encourages facilities to go beyond ADA standards to provide auxiliary aides that translate experience for the deaf, not simply words.  Using a combination of ASL interpretation, music, audience participation, animated facial expressions, dance and dialogue, Amber profoundly impacts the experience


Main Stage Showcase:

Sierra DeMulder


With over 2 Million views on YouTube, Sierra DeMulder is an internationally touring performance poet and educator, a two-time National Poetry Slam champion, and a four-time published author. Sierra’s work has been featured on NPR, Huffington Post, The Advocate, and more. In addition to performing, Sierra is the curriculum director of the Slam Camp at Indiana University, an annual writing summer camp for high school students, and one of the founders of Button Poetry, the largest digital distributor of spoken word in the world. She is a spokesperson and advocate for To Write Love On Her Arms.  Her latest full-length collection, Today Means Amen, was released early 2016.  


Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson Crowd Cbus Clothier

In addition to being the gravelly voiced lead singer, righteous songwriter, and experimental guitarist for award-winning New Hampshire based Reggae/Rock band, Roots of Creation, Brett Wilson is  establishing a solo career. Wilson’s soulful vocals, conscientious lyrics, and skillful guitar work are pulled into the spotlight in this acoustic setting. A Brett Wilson solo performance is both energizing and easy going, reducing stresses, worries and negativities, while inspiring camaraderie that makes you want to get up and move.Wilson not only shines on stage but brings a cool, calm, and collected vibe that isn’t normally seen at rock performances. His unexpected covers allow for exploration into a genre that Brett manipulates, creating unique and never before heard arrangements. Mixing an upbeat stage presence while covering Top 40’s Hits takes Brett Wilson to a whole other level.




Since 2013 Speechless has been selling out shows at comedy clubs and conferences all over the country and the world. Armed only with a laser pointer and a deck of random slides, presenters ranging from stand up comedians to software engineers and Tony Award winners to TED presenters have put their talents to the test in the ultimate improvisational gauntlet, giving a presentation that they’ve never seen before. Fusing technology with comedy, Speechless is the entertainment experience for the Web 2.0 world. A virtual wheel determines at random what kind of talk they have to give — it can be a TED Talk, a new app being launched, a quarterly report, even a wedding toast — and then our presenters do the best job they can to try to get through the show while attempting to leave the audience Speechless.

Special Event Showcase:

David Hall, Card Against Hypnosis


David Hall’s has been performing his comedy hypnosis show for over 10 years.  Cards Against Hypnosis is his latest interactive; laugh out loud, drop-to-your-knees funny, comedy hypnosis show!In between each skit David will throw a ball into the crowd in which a random audience member who catches the ball will be shown 2 large cards. First is a black card with a scenario/skit, followed by a white card with possible outcomes. Based on her/his sole decision that skit will be performed by the hypnotized participants on stage.This unpredictable show gives a truly unique experience for the hypnotized participants as well as the audience. The show has been described as “jaw-dropping,” “hilarious,” and “downright fun.”



Sailesh The Hypnotist




Plastic Musik

plastic musik

Kelsey Tainsh

Headshot (2)

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