NACA South Performers!

It’s crazy to even think that we are preparing for another year at NACA South, but here we are! The list of performers, emcees, and alternates was released yesterday evening and your favorites agency has some of our favorite performers in the showcasing mix!

So not only do we want to tell you all about the wonderful performers we have at NACA South, but we want to be the first to congratulate them for their hard work, discipline and passion towards their work.

This year we have the following artists performing at NACA South: Kazual, Backtrack, and Kid Ace! 

backtrack a capella

These three gave worked tirelessly to sharpen their talents for moments like this! We hope that you enjoy the wondrous sounds of Kazual as your emcee, the rocking music of Backtrack during a showcase, and the jaw dropping illusions of Kid Ace during another showcase!

You’ve heard so much already about these three but to learn more visit our website and checkout their bio or speak to them at the conference in our both following their show time! 

Congratulations Kazual, Backtrack, and Kid Ace we are so looking forward to this conference and we hope you are as well! 

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