New Program Offering! Against the Current: Being Successful As A Small Business

Against the Current: Being Successful As A Small Business presentation

THE essential guide for students who want to pursue a career through their own small business.

New college programming presented by internationally renowned band Added Color

The members of Added Color bring an updated and modern outlook on how to start and run a small business and guidelines on how to structure your career as an entrepreneur with their latest lecture – “Against the Current: Being Successful As A Small Business.”

A band is a business like any other, and the main components discussed in the lecture can be applied to all businesses.

This program provides essential insight to all students who are interested in creating a career or starting their own small business. Using the ever-changing and unpredictable landscape of the music industry as a reference, students will gain at least a well-rounded understanding of all aspects that encompass working for themselves. With topics such as gaining new clients, financial management, the importance of short and long-term goals, and the day to day of operating a small business in the early stages, this program will show students the steps necessary to take their interests and turn them into a successful small business. It is presented by the Brooklyn-based band, Added Color, who have created a solid and organized business around doing what they love most: writing music and performing it on tour.

Added Color provides REAL answers to questions like:  

  • What is starting a small business really like?
  • How much dedication is necessary and what are the odds of surviving in a competitive market?
  • What are some of the necessary day to day tasks to make a small business successful?
  • How do you determine the influence of each member in the company?
  • When is the right time to start paying members of the company after the full investment phase?

While covering the important topics of

  • Communication
  • Creating relationships
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Finances
  • Brand Identity

ADDED COLOR is a Brazilian/American rock band formed in Brooklyn, NY. The group is comprised of Brazilian brothers Kiko Freiberg (music composition, performance and business degree from Bard College) and Dan Freiberg (international relations major at the University of Denver), Tim Haggerty (music major at Berklee school of music), and Danny Dahan (music major at University of Miami). Since meeting in 2014, the group has played around 200 shows in over 20 states in the USA, and toured internationally in Canada, Morocco, and Brazil. They have played major festivals in Brazil such as Porão do Rock at Mane Garrincha Stadium, which has featured Muse, Eagles of Death Metal, amongst others. 
They are a self-sufficient, independent band where four of the members are able to make a full-time living and operate as a business. The band also has a ghostwriting business, where they write for top Brazilian DJ’s and have successfully licensed music for the biggest soap operas and radios in Brazil.

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