New to the Metropolis Family: Mark Sipka

This summer has been all about new additions to the Metropolis Management Family and the work we do. These additions and innovations have brought forth some exciting times for all of us and here and we believe they do for you as well. This newest addition we believe brings you the same new factor and packs all the excitement you could ever want in his comedic performances. The latest addition to the roster is the up and coming comedian Mark Sipka!

You may have seen Mark on: America’s Got Talent, Netflix’s The Couple, Fullscreen’s Jay Versace is Stuck in the 90s, Snapchat’s Solve, or Let’s Make a Deal with Wayne Brady. Mark is a quick witted and energetic actor/comedian that even though some may say he was born in the wrong decade his humor and energy will forever live on.

Mark has already begun to thrill crowds and create the laugh out loud humor our society thrives on. We assure you that Mark will not be disappointing any crowds any time soon and that you are not going to want to miss out on his come up! Check out Mark’s bio and information on our website and contact us to learn how you can be apart of this comedians rise to the big stage!


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