One Campus, Many stories

A large portion of our society is asking us to be conscious and take deliberate steps to elevate our communities and improve conditions in order for more of us to feel safe, valued, and thrive. That means taking the lead on brave conversations around identity.

Mitzi Sinnott’s keynote What’s in a Label? creatively addresses the labels and stories many are bringing to campus. One Campus, many stories…

In her performance and discussion diversity speaker, Mitzi Sinnott presents her personal story from the perspective of a  multiracial woman from Central Appalachia as a way to spark honest conversation about the cross-cultural, cross-class, cross-gender dynamic negotiations many of us face regularly. 

During her performance, she hands the mic to the participants so that they may reflect upon and discuss labels they proudly wear or those assigned and perhaps they struggle to accept. 

Combined with the What’s Your Story? workshop, students will leave with a richer understanding of their life experiences and how to express them to others, and new knowledge of peers different from themselves. 

Students’ comfort level and sense of belonging directly relates to retention rates. The style of engagement and honest talk designed in our workshops is said to inspire connections among participants that might take an entire year.

You can count on Mitzi to encourage participants to take the lead on having conversations around identity and belonging. Being proactive in this way can only minimize conflicts and misunderstandings in the future, and create more of a connectedness among students and staff.

Kheisha Cashwell, Director Multicultural Programs & Fair Practices University of Maryland wasn’t sure at first either, but here’s her response following my presentation at the University of Maryland.

     “Mitzi is someone we would be more than happy to work with again. We had some reservations about whether our audience was ready to explore some of the content in Mitzi’s presentation and she helped reassure us that this is her specialty and that if we were willing, she believed that it would all work out. Mitzi more than delivered on her promise and I think she is the perfect person to usher audiences from safe spaces into brave spaces as it relates to engaging in diversity dialogue."

Take the lead, make deliberate steps to bravely and creatively explore identity through personal narrative with Mitzi Sinnott facilitating! 

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