One Man…Thousands of Sounds: Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is a spontaneous and innovative musician who uses his incredible talent and flexibility to perform sets entirely based on audience suggestion. Gary literally gives out his phone number to the crowd at the beginning of his show, so that every performance is 100% unique and tailored to its specific audience. Gary does fantastic shows for college students, and was even named Campus Activities Magazine 2014 Musician of the Year. He also performs at weddings and other venues, showcasing his versatile style.

In addition to being able to cover virtually any song you could think of, Gary writes and performs original music. He put out his debut album earlier this year, which sold out of print within weeks of its release. Gary collaborated with former members of The Fray and Seether on the album, combining elements of pop, rock, and Gary’s own unique brand of creativity to create a unforgettable musical experience!

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