At this very moment, in High Schools across the country, the class of 2014 is preparing.  Preparing academically and emotionally, to complete their coursework and to celebrate this new stage of life as an (sort of) adult away from their parents’ watchful eye…. These little birdies are leaving the nest … packing up their dreams and ideals, spreading their wings and soaring to your campus this fall!

Orientation is a celebration and rite of passage that should be met with nothing less than raw enthusiasm!  Let us ring in the school year with you, and help the High School class of 2014 transition to your graduating class of 2018!!

Sailesh  – Looking for a guaranteed “home run” for 2014 fall orientation, Sailesh is your man!  This premier hypnotist is the best of the best with unparalleled showmanship and an innovative approach. Sailesh will deliver an orientation that is interactive, community building, HILARIOUS and ultimately uplifting.

Gary Johnson  – Break away from the ordinary with Gary Johnson.  Gary’s shows are 100% text request, with set lists created on the fly.  With live loop technology Gary can create a full band sound to suit any genre from hip hop to ballads.

Kazual – Using only their vocal instruments, Kazual’s sound is SMOOTH, RICH and REFINED incorporating elements Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop.  Blending beats with ballads, these guys bring an audience to their feet and make ladies swoon.  With crowd-pleasing covers and original arrangements, Kazual is SERIOUS entertainment.

Xclusive aka Ken Paryo –  This multi-talented and multi-dimensional performer utilizes physicality, inventive artistry, and pop culture to FLAT OUT entertain an audience. Through hip-hop/anime dance, audience interaction, and stand up comedy, Xclusive DELIVERS and keeps his fans wanting more!

Dan Henig –  An interactive performer presenting popular covers woven in with amazing original material, Dan Henig is the master of remaining accessible without “selling out”  – to fully embrace the poetic depth of songwriting while giving his audience an ironic wink.  With audience participation and relatable material, Dan creates memorable performances!

Dynamic DuoThese slam poets infuse every performance with pop culture, humor and social awareness that is both relatable and insightful.  Audiences experience all the grit and credibility of a poetry slam with an accessible approach that is both thought provoking and enjoyable.

Jenna Norwood – Jenna is a raw foods crusader and health advocate who tours the country speaking with audiences about a natural and balanced approached to life that begins with what we eat.  Jenna is the perfect speaker to give the school year a healthy start!

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