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Full Service Entertainment Company

Metropolis Management is a full service music and entertainment company. With over 15 years of impeccable service, Metropolis Management has been developing and providing premier talent globally.

We bring unique and innovative talent for casinos, corporate events, campuses, theaters, clubs, private functions and global stages. With offices in the United States and Canada we have engaged entertainers for fortune 500 companies, in feature films, at fairs and festivals as well as clubs. Whether you are a promoter, corporate planner, college event coordinator, or someone interested in booking entertainment for your event, our agents at Metropolis are here to assist you.

Proud of building one on one relationships with our artists and clients, proud to represent a very unique and culturally diverse group of artists who are hand-picked for their talent and their incredible personalities. We are proud to be Metropolis Management.

Highly Demanded Experience

Metropolis has discovered incredible raw talent and developed them onto larger stages, international tours, major publicity, live DVDs, recording contracts and into TV and Film.

Our initial launch was as an artist development company, much due to the overwhelming demand by numerous entertainers who had sought us out. With a background as entertainers ourselves, we had much insight and direction to offer our clients. As word spread on Metropolis’ artists’ success, so did the attention from musicians, writers, producers, comedians, and other entertainers across North America searching for representation.

Prior to other agencies’ interest, during the early stages we needed to promote our own clients thus the demand to create the agency division. This was vital to procure performances in order to garner attention and fan support for our roster of talent.

Artist Management

We offer the following support to assist every type of artist and acts so that they can take their talent to the next level.

Management – Metropolis Management is dedicated to furthering artist careers. We work closely with our artists on development professionally and personally.

Marketing – You need marketing creativity and we’re full of inspiration waiting to be executed. Our management can effectively create a successful marketing strategy for you. Using a collective approach, Metropolis Management’s team of experienced, creative professionals will help you gain increased visibility among fans and buyers.

Branding – Branding is essential for each individual artist. We will collaborate with you to create a brand that is indicative of your unique persona and that fans and followers will immediately be attracted to.

Photos and Promotional Videos – We can help you create visually striking photos and impressive promotional videos to mesmerize your audience.

E-Commerce – We know the power of the world wide web. We can assist with content and graphic design for web in all areas. Whether creating a new website or working with your existing website, we will ensure that the site is clean, functional and user friendly. We are always on the cutting edge of technology looking for new ways to expand your fan base, promote your appearances, and attract buyers and media.

Printed Material – We cover all elements from deliberating content to creating visually compelling designs for artist’s information packets, posters, newsletters, cd covers, flyers, etc. Publicity – Limited Availability. Arrange publicity services and arrange media interviews. We can create and distribute press releases. As needed we can serve as your spokesperson.

Our management works on a commission structure. The first consultation with us is free. We’ll prepare a proposal for artists and acts to review and agree upon.

Event Planning & Production

Metropolis Management’s event planning and production division will make your next event a positively memorable one. We use all our experience to help companies and organizations plan the best possible event while still meeting their budget and exceeding expectations.

From production to execution our team has the expertise for flawless events. Our event planning and production department will work with you on your goals and themes for the event. We’ll work with you as much as you need us to. We will create a proposal outlining production needs, budget and timing.

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