Amber Galloway Gallego

Hip Hop ASL Interpreter Speaker

You may recognize Amber Galloway-Gallego as the pink-haired interpreter whose interpretation of Kendrick Lamar during Lollapalooza went viral last year. That same interpretation has been shared millions of times on Twitter, Tumbler, and Vine. She became a crowd favorite and was sought out from various people to find out about who she is and what she does.

You can see more about that experience online during her interview with W. Kamau Bell on Totally Biased, also on Yahoos’ The Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth. She also was featured in RollingStone magazine. Even cooler was her apperance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Sign Language Rap battle featuring a special guest Wiz Khalifa. Not only does her enthusiasm and passion come across in her interpretations but also in her talks about life and her profession.

During her work as an Adjunct Instructor at an Interpreter Training Program at a local community college, Amber found her true “calling” was teaching and lecturing.

When she is not teaching future interpreters, facilitating workshops around the country, or working “in the field” as a freelance interpreter, Amber is busy interpreting concerts and music festivals in a myriad of genres. Passion, dedication, integrity, and continual skill development are attributes that Amber not only instills in her students, but traits she demands from herself.

Diversity / ASL and Deaf Culture Presentation

Amber’s hour long presentation will give your students a look into the world of deaf culture through the eyes of an ASL Concert Interpreter.

She captivates her audiences with ASL demonstrations of her signing to popular hip hop, rap, and rock songs, and gives you a behind the scenes look at how she prepares and communicates at these mega events.

Your students will be transformed by the Amber’s experience and will gain greater insight in the diverse world we all share.

Her presentation is full of fun, humor, and great insight on the deaf community in America.

Amber currently holds the following certifications: National Certification RID CI and CT, RID and NAD NIC, The State of Texas B.E.I. Level V and B.E.I. Oral Certified: Comprehensive.

 Think #Edutainment – A renowned performer, Amber Galloway Gallego educates the community on ways to go above and beyond to create more inclusive communities.




Speaker Topics

  • ASL
  • Interpretation
  • Diversity
  • Character Development
  • Personal Growth
  • Communication
  • Self-esteem
  • Social Justice