Antonina & David

Antonina & David

An extraordinary show of telepathy and mind reading.


Antonina and David perform an extraordinary show of telepathy and mind reading. Their show is extremely interactive and includes: revealing volunteers thoughts (such as the most memorable vacation or childhood friends names), future predictions (such as winning the lottery) and many other unbelievable coincidences. While blindfolded, Antonina is able to pierce into the mind of an audience member and reveal untold thoughts…

This mentalist team comes from two different parts of the world, which makes for a unique multicultural mind reading performance that will amaze you!Antonina is from the Urals Region of Russia and David is from Southern Vermont.

The theatrical aspects that make their show exceptional include: Both having received training in improvisational theater, sketch, and comedy from Boston’s famous Improv Asylum. Moreover, David also has specialized training in Stage Hypnosis from the Stage Hypnosis Center in Las Vegas and currently preforms a comedy hypnosis show called cards against hypnosis.

This double threat mindreading team truly makes for an unforgettable show.

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Performs over 200 engagements per year Clients include Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones, Red Sox’s owner and over 20 shows internationally Performed for fortune 500 companies, performing art centers, colleges and more NACA Showcasing Artist