Austin Martin

Multi-Dimensional Pop

Austin Martin is a duo anchored by their namesake and backed up by DJ, Conor Souhrada. Austin’s textured tenor and soaring falsetto vocal styles paired with Conor’s remixed sound and fresh beats create a unique blend and a genre all their own. Sailing through smooth melodies with just a touch of hip-hop attitude, this duo knows how to break hearts and get the party started.

Citing influences as diverse as Michael Jackson, Kenny Chesney, John Mayer, and Chris Brown, as well as hip-hop greats such as Eminem and Mac Miller, they are one of the few artists on the rise who approaches pop music with a truly unique vision. Their signature style of the classics, country roots, and a mix of modern R&B and hip-hop, bring out a truly fresh approach to a hybridized sound, branding his own style of modern music fresh from the fire branding iron.




Austin Martin was one of our most energetic and best performers we’ve had at Montana Tech. So good, in fact, we brought him back twice in one year!
– Program Manager, Montana Tech