Awareness Training

Safety Awareness Training: How to Stay Safe in Relationships

Human beings spend approximately 284,000 hours in relationships during our lifetime. We shape and are shaped by the associations we keep with others. To experience a high quality of life and to achieve a comfortable level of personal satisfaction, these relationships must be healthy, safe, and forever growing.

This program will cover several important, timely and difficult topics in a way that connects with the audience and encourages them to immediately incorporate changes into their lives, as well as to encourage their family and friends to do the same.

Topics Include:

  • The definition and characteristics of a healthy relationship
  • 10 steps to ensure relationship success
  • The cycle of violence and abuse
  • How to interact with and communicate with someone who has been traumatized
  • Ultimatums and what they really mean
  • How control develops in a relationship and how to spot signs
  • Words vs. Actions
  • Counter Dependence (used by manipulators) and Projection Error (how not to let someone fool you)
  • How to define and identify true love and romance
  • How to tell if someone is TRULY interested in you
  • The 15 basic principles of relationships
  • Why people make excuses for their partner and how to stop
  • Rohypnol and GHB
  • …and much more

This program is perfect for RA’s, Student Leaders, Orientation Staff, Professional Staff, and anyone who cares about creating a healthy and safe social environment. The nature of the subject matter requires a mature audience and an appropriate venue.

Program Topics

Student Success
College Orientations