Beat The Banker

Fast-moving Game Show

Beat the Banker is, simply put… A BLAST! The plot is simple. 16 numbered brief cases are filled with money ranging from 1 cent to $600 in cash. The contestant picks a case, then slowly eliminates others hoping to not eliminate the high dollar cases along the way.

The Banker calls in and offers to buy out the contestant. The contestant has to decide if they want to push their luck or if they want to keep going and see if they can BEAT THE BANKER. If they choose correctly, or bow out at the right time, they’ll go home with a pocket full of someone else’s cash!

Everyone at your event will have a chance to play during the game through our group challenges such as “Your School Has Talent” and other ways to get everyone an equal chance to participate. There are plenty of ways the audience is involved and entertained. We can easily work with a specific theme for your event ­ if you can provide us the trivia questions.

Beat the Banker includes a prize package of up to $1800. The current average prize package is $530. The low was $180 and the most given in one show was $1250. This includes 3 players who will have a chance of getting up to $600 each as well as smaller prizes to audience members.

Beat the Banker is traveling nationwide at a college near you and is available for all types of events year round. Beat the Banker is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Deal or No Deal, Howie Mandell or NBC Universal.


Gold Level ­ Full Production (Most Popular)
Platinum Level ­ Gold Level plus EXTRA TLC!
60­90 minutes with an average of 70 minutes