Brain Cell

Fast-Paced Cell-Phone-Based Game Show

In the Brain Cell game show EVERYONE gets to be a contestant and participate in this fun live game show!

Practice up on your text messaging skills because you’re going to put them to the test in this fun-­filled, fast­-paced show. Winning a challenge such as “most accurate text messaging”, “fastest fingers” and “craziest shorthand” will get you a place on stage to compete for the big prizes, and other challenges will get contestants prizes from their seats! Plus the audience’s text messages appear on our 10′ video screen during the show.

Once the player podiums on stage are full everyone still participates as audience members are asked questions such as “what’s the most popular cell phone carrier in this room?”. They lock in their answers and then the audience sends an SMS message to our dedicated line and a poll is taken instantly. Whoever gets the correct answer wins that round.

Brain Cell at a college event includes a prize package of $300 in cash and prizes. Brain Cell is unique in that there are prize winners throughout the game, not just as winners of rounds. Lots of smaller winners instead of a few people winning larger prizes.

There’s EVEN More!

Other rounds include: Name that Ringtone, Call Screening and Brain Busters!
Perfect Sponsored Event Opportunity ­ Colleges, you can have a “communications day” event and invite representatives from cell phone companies to set up on campus all day long to sign up new customers, show off new hardware and connect with potential customers. These same companies can provide “commercials” for the show that will be displayed during game play.

Plus, the presence of the vendors all day will serve as perfect advertising for your event that night ­ and the revenues generated from the sponsorships will help pay for your show!

Distracted Driving ­ Special Edition

This special edition of Brain Cell uses the same fun format as the regular show, with participants using their cell phone to buzz in, answer surveys and see who has the “fastest fingers” while answering questions about, and competing in challenges that address distracted driving, as well as a fun mix of phone and text message questions and challenges.

Our distracted driving questions are culled from information provided by the US Department of Transportation, assorted insurance companies and other research, combined with common sense and suggested strategies for being a responsible driver.

The final challenge of the night is to get everyone to sign a pledge that they will not text and drive for 30 days. It’s a simple pledge to make and it gives you a measurable indicator of the success of the program on your campus. Everyone who signs the pledge is given a prize.

It’s fun without trivializing the importance of the message, it’s informative without being preachy. It’s a perfect addition to your existing program to combat distracted driving, and, in many cases, it will qualify for national, state and local grants for education on the subject. We’ll even work with you to make sure it will qualify. This means that with a little work, you can get someone else to foot the bill to bring Brain Cell to your campus!

Brain Cell is traveling nationwide at a college near you and is available for all types of events year round.


Silver Level:­ Budget Savvy
Gold Level: Full Production (Most Popular)
Platinum Level: Gold Level plus EXTRA TLC!
60 – ­90 minutes with an average of 70 minutes