Brent Scarpo & Sophie

Brent Scarpo has over thirty years experience as a national transformational speaker, educator, producer, writer, director, and casting director in Hollywood. Since 1999, Scarpo has presented speaking programs in all 50 states as well as 20 foreign countries. His programs have been presented at corporations, colleges and universities, high schools, middle schools, community events and conferences, to a growing audience of over 1,000,000 people having received over 100 awards. 

Scarpo continues to develop and present diverse speaking programs with positive messages to audiences through film and television projects, books, special presentations, exhibits, and transformational speaking events. He is excited to present his newest speaking program entitled, “Sophie – The Dog Who Saved My Life”, a personal story on Scarpo’s battle with depression, suicide and mental health.
Most recently, Scarpo won The Today Show’s writing contest, EVERYONE HAS A STORY where his story, THE RED BALLOON was chosen out of 100,000 entries. It was one of The Today’s Shows top stories. Kathy Lee Gifford said, “This was our favorite story and we saved the best for last.” Scarpo newest book is THE RED BALLOON AND OTHER INSPIRATIONAL STORIES and he continues to speak around the world.


  • Award-winning Speaker, Life Coach, Author, Filmmaker, Casting Director
  • Films Include: The Shawshank Redemption, Matilda, Air Force One
  • Received over 100 awards
  • Featured on Campus Activities Magazine Cover Twice
  • Showcased at AFA, NACA, NASPA, AFLV, National Middle School Conference
  • Spoken in all 50 states, over 20 countries
  • Won “The Today’s Show” writing contest beating out over 100,000 entries



“For TEN years, Brent has presented his anti-bullying programs for our freshmen orientation. We consider him part of our college family.” -Frostburg State University

“The Real World of Addiction program has been used five years in a a row for our Friday Night Live Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program. Students, Faculty and Administration RAVE over Brent’s presentation each year.” -Riverside County Friday Night Live

“Brent and Sophie are AMAZING! Their program on overcoming depression and anxiety hit home with everyone in the audience. We cried and laughed and then cried and laughed some more.” -Mercyhurst College

Great For!

  • Student Orientation/Welcome Week
  • Student Leadership Retreats
  • Student Government Events and Training
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  • Diversity
  • Back to School Events
  • Summer Programs
 Think Global, Book Local! Brent Scarpo is based out of Palm Springs, CA