Coach Winn

America’s #1 WINNING Motivational Speaker and Leadership Trainer

Coach Winn is a two-time Olympian and national championship coach. Coach Winn’s 34 years of building championship teams provides you with the opportunity to learn the secrets of creating WINNING organizations.

Imagine knowing the WINNING secrets of getting your team to “play” together where every team member is committed to engagement, loves being involved and wants more than anything else to reach a common goal.

She has delivered over 1600 hours of paid speaking engagements and is the author of five books including an Amazon bestseller.

1. Every audience is an extension of her team for the day and for the rest of their lives.
2. You receive three essential secrets of success, which you can immediately employ.
3. You get proven methods, not theory, which have produced national championship college talent.
4. You receive “tough” lessons that move you beyond who you are to who you were meant to be.
5. When you depart, Coach Winn’s stories and lessons carry forward leaving a lifelong impact.


  • Author of ‘Unleash The Winner Within You’
  • Originator of the Win Philosophy and Win Principles
  • Certified Master Life Coach
  • Certified Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner
  • National Championship basketball Coach
  • Two-time Olympian
  • APCA showcasing speaker



“When you hear Coach Winn speak, she’s so incredibly compelling and compassionate, it’s like experiencing a verbal train wreck where you just can’t look away! You get exposed to one of the best coaches in America, walk away with her shared wisdom and experience and are propelled to championship status. Any campus looking for a winner need look no further!”
-David Coleman, 14-Time Campus Speaker of the Year, Former Entertainer of the Year

“The WIN Philosophy and WINNER Principles connect you with the force you are meant to be and allow you to become your greatest achievement.”
-Joe Theismann Super Bowl Champion, NFL Man of the Year, NFL Football Analyst and featured in the blockbuster movie, The Blind Side

Sherry’s humor and passion for leadership lit a flame within many of our student leaders to be empowered in ways that not only make them successful leaders but to engage and embrace other students along the leadership journey.”
-Montana State University, Billings

Great For!

  • Student Leadership
  • Student Government
    events and trainings
  • Pan Hellenic events
  • Commencements and
  • Athletic Events
  • Student Orientations
  • Summer Programs
  • Back to School Events
  • Student Orientation/
  • Welcome Week
  • Women leadership
 Think Global, Book Local! Coach Winn is based out Montana