David Hall – Magic and Hypnosis

DAVID HALL – Cards Against Hypnosis Performance

DAVID HALL – Comedy Hypnosis Performance

DAVID HALL – Magic/Mind Reading Performance

David Hall Comedy Magician and Hypnotist

David Hall currently offers two great shows.  A Comedy Hypnosis show called “Cards Against Hypnosis” as well as a Magic/Mind Reading Show.

David typically books over 200 engagements a year and has been entertaining audiences since 1998.  Superstars and VIP’s engage David to perform at their exclusive events. His client list includes celebrities such as Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones; Red Sox’s owner John Henry, as well as many theaters, performing art centers, colleges, universities, and fortune 500 companies across the US. David has also toured internationally, performing over 20 stage shows in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Cards AGAINST Hypnosis – Show

David Hall’s latest interactive; laugh out loud, drop-to-your knees funny, comedy hypnosis show!

In between each skit David will throw a ball in to the crowd in which a random audience member who catches the ball will be shown 2 large cards. First is a black card with a scenario/skit, followed by a white card with possible outcomes. Based on her/his sole decision that skit will be performed by the hypnotized participants on stage.

This unpredictable show gives a truly unique experience for the hypnotized participants as well as the audience. The show has been described as “jaw dropping” “hilarious” and “downright fun.”

Magic/Mind Reading – Show

This Interactive show is full of wit, comedy, charm, stunning slight-of-hand tricks, amazing mind reading, that results in an extraordinary and unforgettable performance.


    • NACA Showcasing Artist


The audience was amazed and entertained by your show, we hope to work with you sometime again in the future!
Texas Tech University
“It was Hilarious, everyone enjoyed the show, we love to have you back.”
–Xavier University Cincinnati OH

Perfect For!

  • Colleges and University
  • Orientation and Welcome Week
  • Corporate Events
  • Performing Arts Centers
  • Fairs and Festivals