Heather Rogers – Speaker Series

Heather Rogers – Speaker Series

Dazzling Magic, Motivation and Mischief


Certified Virtual Presenter

Certified Epigenetics Wellness Coach

“Infamous Cyber Hacker Reveals Her Secrets!”  – CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS PROGRAM

Speaker Heather Rogers Cybersecurity Keynote - %22Infamous Cyber Hacker Reveals Her Secrets%22.pngThis live or virtual program is the ONLY keynote in the industry that uses comedic satire to increase Cybersecurity Awareness, improve Productivity and increase Mindfulness using magic-as-metaphor in this written-for-you program from a “notorious female Cyber Hacker”.

PROBLEMS SOLVED by Heather’s “Infamous Cyber Hacker Reveals Her Secrets” program:

  • Information overload can contribute to lack of retention and overall stress level of attendees.. This high-energy program is a fun, engaging way to inject levity into an information-packed agenda.
  • Bio-Hacking is the fastest growing global threat. As an Epigenetics Human Optimization Coach, Heather reveals to the latest developments in Genomics and Genetics to help fight the biohazards of today and tomorrow.
  • Looking at cybercrime from INSIDE the mind of a hacker offers a fresh vantage point to help experts in setting traps.
  • Comedy, Magic and High Tech Gadgetry are strategically used to anchor concepts and increase retention.
  • The program can be delivered as a stand-alone keynote, team building, or emcee program. In addition, customizable icebreakers and activations can be added to help attendees “Meet their inner Cyber Hero” while “Profiling the worst Cyber Villain.”
  • Having a lovely, tech-savvy female Cyber Hacker on the agenda will result in a more diverse, dynamic program and create fresh buzz around your meeting. (Photo and video assets are available to help in promoting the program.)

What makes Heather’s program so groundbreaking and effective?

Using a special combination of Social Science, Team Engagement, & Interactive Magic Heather takes people into extraordinary states of receptivity & then delivers distinctions that help them to be more resilient to change, to communicate across cultural divides & to lead more efficiently.

Leadership Program

“Leading with an entrepreneurial mindset.” 

There are five essential skills that the top ‘entrepreneurial innovators’ are masterful at:
  1. Becoming masterful at persuasion & influence
  2. Amazing their teams and community
  3. Articulating their vision clearly and concisely
  4. Having a plan and making it visible to others
  5. Questioning everything, in the spirit of innovation

Productivity Program:

“Mind Hacks for Productivity & Heightened Happiness

Heather addresses the social, psychological & biological components that transform teams while delivering solid, actionable take-home tools they can use to enhance their performance

Agility & Efficiency increase as the Emotional IQ rises.

Heather amps up the crowd while teaching them how to win the day in a happy way.

Human Optimization Program: 

“Precision Wellness Through Epigenetics”
Learn about the latest technologies for precision-wellness & peak performance 
This keynotes explores how you can expand human capacity using cutting edge genetic/epigenentic science to map your genetic code and create ‘superhuman’ health.
Outcomes of the program: participants will learn how….
  • Your DNA dynamically interacts with the environment, & can be altered by your habits
  • Sleep, stress, nutrition, supplementation, athletic performance, & hormones affect you
  • you can use Neuro & Biofeedback to create optimal homeostatic body/brain balance
  • blood analysis, cognitive testing & bio-specific programming can transform your life
  • environmental design & detoxification are crucial in transforming your body and mind
  • to take your life into the ‘miracle zone’ of human potential and have fun on the way


1st Place Winner in the 2019 Oakland Magic Circle Stage Magic Competition, Performances for Google, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and more! TEDx Speaker