A singer/songwriter duo with emotive, thought-provoking lyrics and dynamic vocals.


Kinfolk is the musical collaboration project of sisters Mallory & Monica Moser. Mallory & Monica performed in musicals together growing up and eventually pivoted to annual acoustic shows in their two hometowns of Fort Worth and New York City. After performing covers and Monica’s originals, they decided to brand their project to find their sound and define their dynamic as a duo. Years ago, when a family member with deep Alabama roots referred to them as “kinfolk,” they found the phrase charmingly antiquated and sweet. When deciding on a name, Mallory suggested Kinfolk half-jokingly, but they found they loved the double meaning and thought it would honor their Southern ties, including their late grandmother, a Copacabana performer and Miss Alabama (1946). With their shared performance backgrounds in musical theatre and their natural kinfolk chemistry, Mallory & Monica perform with confidence and humor, blending effortless harmonies through intriguing arrangements.



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