Matthew Shapiro

Get Out of Your “Chair”and Shatter Your Comfort Zone! 

Matthew Shapiro is a spirited and charismatic speaker and consultant, born with cerebral palsy. He entertains and enlightens his audiences as to how they can become “their own wrecking ball.” While sharing basic disability etiquette and an engaging story about his life, Matthew empowers his audiences to break free of their comfort zones by encouraging them to exceed their goals and minimizing their limitations. Matthew’s wheelchair was his safety net. Leaving it caused him tremendous trepidation, as he was not fully experiencing life. Through the persuasion of a friend, he attended an event that changed his life FOREVER! He overcame his fears while placing his life in the hands of others. His messages have won him the accolades of many. He was named Style Weekly’s Top 40 Under 40 in Richmond, VA, profiled in Virginia Business Magazine and even served the Obama Administration in the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs.



“Matthew Shapiro did an excellent job of presenting information on disability etiquette.  He used humor and personal examples to ease people into a discussion.  The audience enjoyed the experience.”

 – Shelia Newman – President and Owner, New Editions Consulting, Inc

“You are approachable and informative, well done.”

Vera Thomas,Corporate Philanthropy and Community Partnerships, Dominion Resources Services, Inc.

Great For!

  • Keynote Programs
  • Greek Life Events (Phi Kappa Psi)
  • Training Programs
  • Campus Accommodations Assessment
  • Student Orientation/Welcome Week
  • Student Leadership Retreats
  • Student Government Events and Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Office of Disabilities
 Think Global, Book Local! Matthew Shapiro is based out of Richmond, VA