Mitzi Sinnott

America’s Keynote Actress

You can book one speaker to cover Leadership Development, hire another to address Diversity and Inclusion, a third to address Women’s Issues, and a fourth for an exciting live performance or you can book ONE SPEAKER and ACCOMPLISH IT ALL IN ONE PROGRAM With “AMERICA’S KEYNOTE ACTRESS” Mitzi Sinnott!

Facilitators nationwide are saying that a key point to effective leadership is “knowing and sharing your story…” but rarely do they give participants the opportunity to explore their individual stories and identity. Mitzi’s intimate workshop allows students to creatively explore their personal narrative through writing, movement, discussion and drawing.

Booking her workshop and keynote address will provide your campus community the opportunity to actively explore key elements of leadership, identity, diversity, and make realistic projections for the future.  Mitzi’s work supports the process of innovation as well as educates and inspires.

Many have commented that Mitzi Sinnott’s keynote is entertaining, thought provoking and profoundly moving, leaving hearts and minds wide open to the possibilities of living an intentional life that exceeds their expectations and makes a difference.

Her workshop and keynote address has been done as a part of leadership institutes and orientations as well part of curriculum for departments as varied as diversity and inclusion, writing and English, sociology, psychology, political science and performance and media arts.

 Think #Edutainment. Mitzi’s thought-provoking keynote performance has a workshop addition, “What’s Your Story?”


  • NACA Showcasing Artist
  • APCA Showcasing Performer
  • NCORE Featured Performer


Mitzi’s strength as a speaker lies in her willingness to be vulnerable. Her portrayals captivated 1500 of our students… Her openness to share her story and her personal labels carried a lot of weight and respect.” – Dr. Sylvia Imler Executive Director, Youngstown University

She makes the hard conversation easier” – Student, California Lutheran University

Speaker Topics

  • KeyNote Presenter
  • Diversity
  • Issue Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Orientation
  • Social Justice
 Think Global, Book Local! Mitzi Sinnott is based out of Kentucky