Mitzi Sinnott

Mitzi Sinnott

A powerful true story, authentically disarming, heart-connecting, justice in sight.


Inclusion Specialist and Keynote Speaker

Mitzi’s been hired by organizations and institutions such as AFLV West, Kentucky Arts Council Master Class, and Barry University to be their keynote presenter to speak truth, offer words of inspiration and share her own personal journey as a woman of color. Each keynote presentation is thoughtfully tailored for the respective audience and includes elements from Mitzi’s solo play,

“SNAPSHOT: A true story of love interrupted by invasion.” Ending participant activities culminate and activate!

A blend of inspiring words, engaging performance, and interactive learning, Mitzi Sinnott’s keynote presentation transcends the institutional space. She selects scenes for her awarding-wining solo play “SNAPSHOT: a true story of love interrupted by invasion” sharing how the ism’s of the world affect the individual. This blend of performance and analysis with audience interaction sparks honest, discussion of the cross-cultural, cross-class, cross-gender dynamic negotiations many of us face regularly, these negotiations have led us to a critical crossroad requiring dialogue. Individual voices are honored by using topics from their concerns as conversational points in an inviting space

The University of Cincinnati Emerging Ethnic Leaders Institute, Barry University’s Ethical Leadership Conference, St. Thomas University’s Leadership Institute, Marshall University’s Black Scholars student development and Women of Color Luncheon, Stevenson University Diversity Speaker Series, Youngstown University’s Freshman Orientation, and Iowa State University’s orientation for campus-wide recreation facilities staff, value how Mitzi transfers life experience and relatable vulnerability inspires heartfelt connections which are vital for communities to make lasting social change

If you want a dynamic conference opener that energizes staff and students, Mitzi utilizes the power of image and drama to interest, process and activate the audience. Knowing the value of entertainment, she synthesizes the complexities of our times into an uplifting call to action!

About Mitzi Sinnott
Named in the “Top 5 Best Diversity Speakers in America,” by Campus Activities Magazine performance artist, activist, and educator, Mitzi Sinnott presented her unique family saga “SNAPSHOT: a true story of love interrupted by invasion, ”featured repeatedly on PBS nationwide, and on stage in South Africa, Scotland Brooklyn, as well as her homeland hills of Central Appalachia.

Audience feedback affirms her story has transformative power which she incorporates into her keynote presentations, campus workshops and strategic planning efforts, using story-telling to reveal, connect and challenge.

Mitzi is personally familiar with the complexities of racial identity, mental illness, and the legacy of war. She is champion of authentic conversation who effortlessly and respectfully navigates difficult topics, making her very effective on college campuses and why she is a sought after keynote speaker for groups like Marshall University’s Women of Color Luncheon, St. Thomas University’s Leadership Institute, The National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, AFLV West, and APCA National Conference.

Currently Mitzi’s company All Here Together Productions utilizes her expertise to convene conversations about race and class across industries and interests, building more tolerant communities, learning from the past, re-imagining our future, one story at a time. This is her life’s purpose, creating community from strangers.

Mitzi’s Workshops

“What’s Your Story?”
Our personal stories can: keep us stuck or propel us forward. They can unite us or divide us. Mitzi uses her personal and moving experiences as a bi-racial daughter from Central Appalachia to help others uncover their own story and original voice. In this interactive workshop, she helps audience members explore the layers of their true identities and develop their own personal narratives as a tool to meet goals, heal wounds and connect with others. She uses movement, discussion, writing and drawing to reach these layers that show our common ground is rich soil to plant seeds for acceptance and growth. This workshop is especially suited for orientations for incoming freshman, resident advisors, as well as organization staff development. The themes in What’s Your Story? are especially impactful when booked along with her keynote performance.

Learning objectives for What’s Your Story?:

  • Facilitate the journey of greater self-awareness,
  • Examine obstacles, challenges, and choices,
  • Develop trust and courage for sharing thoughts,
  • Enhance understanding and connectedness among peers,
  • Begin to look at colleagues and peers in a fresh new way,
  • Walk away with insights into personal accomplishments as well as those of others, and
  • Generate personal strength and confidence, a catalyst for greater understanding of the importance in community and engendering participation.

“What’s Your Leadership Story?”
In this workshop participants will develop their leadership story through a variety of activities that encourage them to explore, discuss and reflect on their own leadership styles, values, and approaches. Mitzi integrates perspectives from elements of psychology, history, and the arts, as well as incorporates opportunities to develop and deepen interpersonal skills and understand group dynamics as it relates to leadership and one’s leadership style. This workshop is specifically designed for student leaders of campus organizations and students who serve on university board of directors. What’s Your Leadership Story? provides concrete ways to understand roles, responsibilities, and practice in shared governance, providing opportunities to explore specific roles as it applies to an organization’s mission statement.

Learning objectives for What’s Your Leadership Story?:

  • Introduce and practice deep and active listening skills,
  • Develop trust and courage for sharing thoughts,
  • Identify personal values,
  • Develop an appreciation for human differences,
  • Bring awareness to one’s cultural assumptions and how they may impact leadership style & expectation,
  • Develop key social & leadership skills, and
  • Inspire a practice of ethical leadership and recognize that leadership is a lifelong process.


NACA Showcasing Artist, APCA Showcasing Performer , NCORE Featured Performer, AFLV Presenter,