Pandit Dasa

Pandit Dasa is a Mindful Leadership and Wellbeing expert. He has conducted Mindfulness and Work-life Balance workshops at Google, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Bank of America, Intel, Novartis, The World Bank, Columbia University, and many other institutions. He has spoke at the World Government Summit in Dubai, the national SHRM convention and the WorkHuman Conference. At these workshops, Pandit presents the research on Mindfulness practices and engages the audiences in various breathing and focusing exercises that people will be able to implement at work and at home. Through these workshops, Pandit helps individuals lower stress and anxiety, increase focus and productivity, and develop positive perspectives on challenging situations. Pandit has spoken at a TEDx conference and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, PBS, NPR, The New York Times, Psychology Today and writes for The Huffington Post.  In his book, Urban Monk, Pandit writes about the turning point in his life that came after his family lost their multimillion-dollar business, which ultimately led him to living as a monk for 15 years in New York City. He uses his training and experiences to help corporate and student audiences manage stress and develop a work-life balance.

Conscious Living

Conscious Living was started by Pandit Dasa during his 13 years at Columbia University, where he taught the campus community to live more mindfully by providing meditation sessions, teaching techniques on stress management, and vegetarian cooking classes.


  • Featured in the Psychology Today, Huffington Post, New York Lifestyle Magazine, and more
  • Author of Urban Monk: Exploring Karma, Consciousness, and the Divine
  • APCA Showcasing Artist
  • APCA Ed Session Presenter
  • Founder of Conscious Living
  • Global Presentations include: World Government Summit, SHRM National Convention, WorkHuman Conference, Bank of America Global Conference 


“Pandit is a very dynamic speaker. His presentation was very eye-opening and engaging. I felt relaxed and recharged from the meditation techniques which will be very useful for my demanding schedule.”
-JPMorgan Chase

“Pandit was very personable and charismatic…he kept his energy high, bringing the audience with him.” -Google

Speaker Topics

  • Leadership
  • Orientation
  • Balance and Wellness
  • Personal Growth
  • Topic: Principles of Mindful Leadership
  • Topic: Mindful Approach to Team Building
  • Topic: Stress Management for Work-Life Balance
  • Topic: Keys to Unlocking and Unleashing the Power of Your Mind
  • Topic: Mindfulness for College-Life Balance
  • Topic: Meditation Workshop for Reducing Stress


 Think Global, Book Local. Pandit Dasa is based out of New York, NY