rePercussion is an extraordinary high-energy comedy drumming event! Going beyond drumming, they blend sight, sound, and comedy to stage an intensely entertaining, mind-blowing yet customizable experience.

Blurring the lines between electronic music, drum line, rock, and slapstick, these artists uniquely combine drumming, comedy, and crowd interaction. Each show is one-of-a-kind, perfectly tailored to the audience through performer-audience interactions. Crowds quickly get engaged, creating a lasting impression!

rePercussion holds the World Record for leading the world’s largest Airdrum Ensemble! Composed of entertainment veterans, they have performed for hundreds of thousands of people in venues around the world. Through this unrivaled interaction, rePercussion performances can unite audiences, build teams, and give your group a world-class program.

RePercussion’s Sustainability Statement: Sustainability is central value at RePercussion and we want to instill the care and compassion to be sustainable and green for the generations to come. Other than our drumsticks, our performance set and materials are comprised of re-purposed “stuff”, from common drywall buckets to used pots and frying pans to 55-gallon plastic industrial barrels. We are showing the world that you can create spectacle and thrill without a giant materials budget or “buying new”.


  • NACA Showcasing Artist
  • WFA Showcasing Artist
  • Featured on MTV
  • Featured on MTV Brazil
  • Featured on VH1
  • Seen on The Real World
  • Seen on Laguna Beach
  • Seen on America’s Got Talent


…one of the best events I’ve ever worked for CAB!” – Maryville University
…the best performers AND great crowd interactions!” – University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
I wish there were more things like this on campus!” – University of Southern Indiana

Great For!

  • Orientation
  • Welcome Week
  • Greek Life
  • Roving
  • Family Weekend
  • Sibs Weekend
  • Campus Fairs
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Corporate Events
 Think Global, Book Local! rePercussion is based out Nashville, TN. Two teams available