Text Breakers

Text Breakers

Comedy game show that engages the audience using competition games.


Text Breakers is a college game show that has been playing hilarious texting games and competitions for over 10 years. The show features games based on drawing, improv acting, trivia, and much more. Text Breakers can be hosted live in-person or virtually. Either way, it’s a blast! The live show features game show buzzers and texting. Everyone can play regardless if they’re on stage or in the audience. Designed to bring students out of their comfort zones, Text Breakers builds community. Nothing brings students together like playing and laughing with a team while trying to beat others in a competition game. Events have been hosted around the country for smaller crowds all the way up to large auditoriums full of hundreds of students. 

The virtual Text Breakers show is one of the few college programs that can truly engage the participants on Zoom! There is a reason Text Breakers had over 120 virtual events since April of 2020. During the game, some students are shown on screen for different rounds and others are texting in their guesses. Students love seeing their text messages on the screen as the hosts tease the players and laugh with the crowd throughout the entire game. Regardless of the size of the crowd live or virtually, the same level of intensity and excitement is felt as you’ll see when Text Breakers is played for your campus.