The Body Poets

The Body Poets

Interactive Theatrical Street Dance Performance


The Body Poets are an eclectic group of dancers who harness the raw energy of street performance and dress it up for the stage with unique costumes and special effects. They bring a level of artistry and theatrics that is rarely seen in the world of urban dance.

An internet sensation with over 1 Million views YouTube, it was only a matter of time until mainstream media took notice. Members of The Body Poets have appeared on TruTV’s Fake Off, America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. The Body Poets are currently based in Las Vegas where they perform regularly, but it’s their touring show that has audiences all over the country cheering, laughing and mesmerized.

Touring in groups of three or five, The Body Poets offer a variety of performance formats to suit any event or venue.
The Body Poets also teach dance workshops!


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