Troy Stende

Troy Stende has been helping colleges and universities create connections and strengthen campus community since 1998. Troy presents unique and dynamic campus programs that include student icebreakers and orientation keynotes; customized programs and retreats for student leaders; and programs for staff, faculty and student advisors. He is dedicated to developing campus leaders and increasing student retention.

  • Break Through Experience – Break a board, break a barrier, change your life. Everyone actually breaks a board with their hand or foot as a metaphor for breaking through a barrier in their life that is holding them back from taking it to the next level. It’s an incredible program both for the individual and for the group as a whole.
  • Orientation Programs – Troy offers Compelling Programs & Strategies for Retaining & Engaging Today’s College Student. Troy’s goal is to help you increase your retention rate so students will stay and graduate. His orientation programs include Large Group Icebreakers, Orientation Leader Training and Welcome Week Keynotes.
  • Large Group Icebreakers – Students stay on campus when they make friends. Troy’s ice breakers help make that possible in a fun and energized atmosphere. He doesn’t present from a script which enables him to read the audience and take the program where students are ready to go
  • Orientation Leader Training – Help get your Orientation Leaders prepared for the new students. Troy can help your Orientation Leaders to have better facilitation skills and be more connected as a group.
  • “Life Unlimited” Student Keynote – If you are looking for something more than a lecture- if you’re looking for a high energy, audience-involvement keynote presentation with smart content that will leave the participants leaping to their feet in wild applause, then you are looking for Life Unlimited!
  • “Be The Change” Student Keynote –  Troy shows students how to use their words to be a more influential, impactful and conscious leader. This powerful program provides a tool designed to create a greater sense of involvement, connection and community.


  • 19 years experience
  • 500+ clients 
  • 3-time winner “Best Campus Speaker
  • 80%+ Annual Re-Book Rate 


“Troy Stende was a key part of making our TechConnect new student orientation one of our best ever! Our main goal this year was to focus on helping students make connections with each other right from the start and Troy’s icebreaker session was exactly what we needed. Not only was it an energetic, fun, top-notch event in and of itself, but the excitement and expectations created during that time spilled over in a positive way to the other activities we had planned during that week.
If you need help getting your students to come out of their shells; connect with each other, and learn to think positively about their upcoming semester, you should definitely consider Troy Stende!”
-Associate Dean of Students, Arkansas Tech University

“I cannot express how much I appreciate the depth and “core” of what you brought to our group. You helped us bond, expand, and connect in such a deep and impactful way. Our team would never have been this great without you. We did not have ANY of the problems with attendance, performance, connection, negativity, etc…, that we normally experience in our orientation season. This OL group was more bonded, collaborative, and genuinely caring than I have ever seen in the last two years of orientations since we’ve started. All of this after their salaries were cut from the year prior! I am so impressed with you and your work. Your tone, demeanor, and ability to get us all energized yet THINKING is amazing…We know who we want again next year- YOU!” –Orientation Coordinator, Florida Gulf Coast University

“We had an incredible leadership conference with Troy. We were so lucky to have him back again. We are looking forward to having him back tons of times in the future. It was great! Everyone was involved- it was enthusiastic and interactive. Between the smiles and tears, it was a great day.” –Director, Student Life, GA Perimeter College



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Great For!

  • Student Orientation/Welcome Week
  • Student Leadership
  • Student Government Events and Training
  • Administration Training
  • Staff, Faculty & Student Adviser Programs
  • Exec Boards
  • RA’s and CA’s
  • Greek Life
  • Student Athletes
  • Diversity
  • Back to School Events
  • Summer Programs
 Think Global, Book Local! Troy Stende is based out of Minneapolis, MN