William Mitchell

William Mitchell

An experienced keynoter and convention presenter


An experienced keynoter and convention presenter, William Mitchell is the only college speaker licensed to present David Coleman’s “Dating and Relating in a Title IX World.”

William Mitchell has a positive background that draws upon being a college athlete, a national fraternity officer, college dorm director, adjunct graduate school faculty member, a seminary trained pastor, a hypnotherapist, business owner, husband and a father.

William Mitchell offers reasonably priced presentations that will educate and inspire your students. Topics include

Campus Presentations include: Making Greek Life Matter
Hooray! Building a COMMUNITY Out of CLASSMATES!
Forming ONE HEARTBEAT in Your Organization!
RA Training, Orientation Leader Training, Student Leaders!
Turn Sabotage into SUCCESS! Resilience and Persistence.
Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking and Test Anxiety.
Seeking the Balance between Faith and Education: Wisdom


Founder of the Mitchell Institute for Professional Hypnosis Founder of Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinics, Mitchell Programs and Mitchell Events Founder of the Heartland Hypnosis Conference