William Mitchell

william mitchell speakerWilliam Mitchell Campus Speaker

An experienced keynoter and convention presenter, William Mitchell is the only college speaker licensed to present David Coleman’s “Dating and Relating in a Title IX World.”

William Mitchell has a positive background that draws upon being a college athlete, a national fraternity officer, college dorm director, adjunct graduate school faculty member, a seminary trained pastor, a hypnotherapist, business owner, husband and a father.

William Mitchell offers reasonably priced presentations that will educate and inspire your students. Topics include

  • Campus Presentations include: Making Greek Life Matter
  • Hooray! Building a COMMUNITY Out of CLASSMATES!
  • Forming ONE HEARTBEAT in Your Organization!
  • RA Training, Orientation Leader Training, Student Leaders!
  • Turn Sabotage into SUCCESS! Resilience and Persistence.
  • Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking and Test Anxiety.
  • Seeking the Balance between Faith and Education: Wisdom


  • Founder of the Mitchell Institute for Professional Hypnosis

  • Founder of Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinics, Mitchell Programs and Mitchell Events

  • Founder of the Heartland Hypnosis Conference


“The audience was educated and entertained!” 
-Lone Star College


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Twitter: @HeartlandHypCon
Youtube: William Mitchell


  • William Mitchell Tech Rider
  • William Mitchell One Sheet

Great For!

  • Student Leadership Retreats
  • Student Government events and trainings
  • Pan Hellenic events
  • Commencements and graduations
  • Athletic Events
  • Student Orientations
  • Summer Programs Lectures
  • Back to School Events
  • Student Orientation/
  • Welcome Week
  • Faith Based Leadership Events
 Think Global, Book Local! William Mitchell is based out of St. Louis, MO