“Lift You Up”

A New Era of Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop

“Xavier” (Mathew DeSilva), an 19yr old Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop artist from Brooklyn, knew that music would someday be his life from the very moment he picked up drum sticks at the age of 8. Always thinking of a life with Hip Hop at the very center, he settled early and practiced vigorously to master the art of producing and rhyming phrases that completely baffled anybody who opposed his success.

Being at his very worst in 2012, there was a stage of depression where music was the only way to get through a single day. Hip-Hop was not only seen as a profession to him, but also as an angel. Thinking deeply on the decision to blindly pursue his dreams, the undying passion for Hip-Hop and drive for making his loved ones proud, kept him from quitting, facing all odds at what had seemed to be rock bottom was the worst thing to ever happen. With this being said, after leaving the microphone for some time, X would have came back to music stronger, smarter, more ambitious and some would say he had a fire that was so bright, that anybody could simply feel his presence in the same room from the moment he walked in.

       “The feeling of having someone angry at me, simply because I was more successful was a feeling that no words could ever describe”, he said, as he made it clear where he stood in the race to live his dreams. Standing tall after living through his dark moments of his life, Xavier is an ambitious young Hip-Hop artist who lives to see the top and will not rest until he is there.

      “They always told me if I desired success as badly as I needed to breathe, I’d be successful. But it came to the point where my breath came second to my desire of my success.”   – X


  • Featured on CNN, Power 105.1 and other radio and media outlets 


“He’s (Xavier’s) an amazing, young, talented artist!” – Cynthia Horner, Editor In Chief For Hip Hop Weekly Magazine

“He’s (Xavier’s) a Star!! And soon the World will know too!” -Daniel Williams, Fashion Editor VIBE Magazine

“Xavier’s gonna be one of the biggest artists the Music Industry has ever seen!” -Kalvin Stevens, Sony

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 Think Global, Book Local! Xavier is located in New York, NY.