Zander Michigan

“Box of Angels”

Zander Michigan is a singer/songwriter from Detroit, MI. He plays the guitar, the harmonica, and sometimes even plays the fool. His howling vocals, heavy strum, and cheeky lyrics make him an iconic musician in an age of futuristic banter. Zander just released his latest EP “Kitchen Sink #1” on November 5th and packed the Loving Touch for the release party during the holiday. He’s now embarking on a new journey in college touring with a stint at NACA’s Midwest festival in the spring. He is planning a college tour through the spring and again in the fall. He hopes to go back to Europe to tour next spring.  He signed to a local music licensing company, Assemble Sound. Zander hopes to add this to his arsenal and team up with them to take the new songs to the next level. He already has a song on Grace & Frankie and hopes to expand the sync-licensing horizon. He has been nominated for Detroit Music Awards three years in a row and is a finalist for the 2018 Chris Austin Songwriting Competition in North Carolina. Looking back, Zander Michigan was coined in early 2013, and since then he has released four albums. He has played many local Detroit festivals and venues including Ann Arbor Summer Festival and Arts, Beats, & Eats and has appeared on the Mitch Albom Show, WDET (Detroit’s NPR), WAYN, MetroArts Detroit. He has toured the Midwest, performed on Daytrotter, and has been to England twice to tour. He says, “I’m making my way both eastward and westward in my pursuit of becoming a household name.” Zander has some big shoes to fill and many miles to walk. He is confident in his stride and has faith that what unfolds will help him get there.


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“Zander Michigan injects a much needed dosage of heart, class and charisma into indie rock and neo-folk. With the rasp of Dylan, the post-punk riffs of the Strokes and the melodic sensibility of Big Star, suited up with old-fashioned showmanship and poignant storyteller poetry. ” -JEFF MILO, DETROIT MUSIC JOURNALIST, 2018

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 Think Global, book Local! Zander Michigan is based out of Ann Arbor MI!