Resolve to be HEALTHY in the New Year!

Here it is, a New Year. A time to introduce new habits into your life and start fresh. Who doesn’t love a fresh start? A chance to make some changes? We want to be better, happier, more organized, you name it! New Year’s Resolutions can be fun and positive. But they can also be unrealistic and sometimes even dangerous.

At this time of year, many young women (and people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities) make a resolution to change the way they look. They resolve to lose weight, to eat healthier, to exercise more. These can be excellent goals to strive for, but unfortunately many people do not take a healthy approach to body-related goals.

Katie H. Willcox was a new addition to our Coleman Speaks roster in 2016. Her mission aims to challenge beauty ideals implemented by the media and teaches girls to be their healthy, true, and authentic selves.

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Katie is considered one of the top body positive influencers by MTV, People Magazine, and Marie Claire to name a few! She has devoted her life to changing the game of body image and spreading the message of redefining self-worth.  She has hosted a series of public workshops and has been the keynote speaker at Girl Rising, Girl’s Night Out, and Amazing Women Entrepreneurs 2016.


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