Troy Stende College Speaker

Break on Through with Troy Stende

What if, at your next student retreat, each participant discovered their own strength to break through barriers? Motivational speaker, Troy Stende’s “Break on Through” program offers students and audience members the opportunity to do just that: break through a personal barrier as they break a board!


Bring Troy Stende to your campus!

Troy Stende College Speaker

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College finals 2017 Metropolis Management

Finals are Coming!

College finals 2017 Metropolis Management

Stressed over finals? You aren’t alone! You might think taking a break is impossible, but a break can be refreshing and increase your productivity. Perhaps you work better under pressure so you’re just taking a really long break before you get started. Either way, you can always check out our artists’ videos for a break. Or nap, that’s good too!

NACA Northern Plains: There’s No Place Like NACA!

If you made it to NACA Northern Plains in Saint Paul, MN this past weekend, you might be clicking your heels to return! Metropolis was proud to have the following artists showcase:

Jinahie | Spoken Word Poet











Mike Debus | Performance Speed Painter







Xclusive | Musician-Comedian-Dancer










David Coleman | The Dating Doctor

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