Tricks, Magic and Josh McVicar equal Lots of Fun!

Josh McVicar is a hilarious and talented magician and hypnotist who uses a distinctive blend of skill and showmanship to captivate his audience. With over 10 years of experience, Josh has performed for many major corporations and institutions, such as Six Flags, Mastercard International, and Dillard’s. Josh’s show is fast-paced and entrancing, showcasing his talent as both a magician and a performer. He relies on audience participation, creating a unique and interactive experience every time.

Josh brings together magic and comedy in seamless unity. He keeps the crowd on its toes with his side-splitting wit and mystifying magic tricks. When Josh is on stage, no one knows what’s coming next. The only guarantee the audience has during Josh’s show is that whatever happens next will leave them on the edge of their seats. Josh McVicar is an incredible and unforgettable option for any event or occasion!

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