Valentine Crooners – Solo Singer Songwriters! Feel the love with these 4 Eligible Artists

Dan Henig – The Tall, Dark, and Handsome Renaissance Man

Musical Heroes: While Dan’s music has the sing-along feel of John Mayer or Sara Barielles, his lyrics convey the depth and even darkness of his idol, Leonard Cohen….

Hallelujah! a man with substance AND appeal!

Sense of Humor? Even with all his musical skill and deftness, Dan doesn’t take himself too seriously.  With his ironic acoustic cover of “Get Low,” Dan took youtube by storm and was featured on Funny or Die and College Humor.

Landon Austin – The Heartfelt Heartthrob

Landon gets by with a little help from his friends:  Actually, he has A LOT of friends… Landon launched his music career through a grass roots movement on youtube and has become a social media virtuoso.

Ready for Romance?  With lyrics about being “caught in your eyes” and “ready for anything” this guy is a heart-felt heartthrob.

Gary Johnson – The Life of the Party

Music: Live Loop performer – Varied styles and genres

Instruments: Using his guitar, voice and a little bit of technology, Gary can single-handedly create the sound of a full band

Good Listener?  All of Gary’s performances are 100% request-based. Audience members text or tweet their requests during the show.

Up for Anything?  With a request-based show, anything goes. This artist can perform ANYTHING from dance club hits, to hip hop, to ballads.

Bobby Jo Valentine – The Soulful Poet

OK can we just take a moment to acknowledge… his LAST NAME is freaking VALENTINE!!!

Try a little tenderness:  Bobby Jo Valentine’s music evokes a tenderness and honesty that embodies love.  He is the type of guy and performer the audience can trust. His performances are gentlemanly and genuine.

He’s a poet, and we know it:  Bobby Jo Valentine is widely recognized for his work and was named Songwriter of the Year by the West Coast Songwriter’s association.

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