Variety Artists – Put some SPICE in your Fall Schedule Line-Up!!

Are you looking for that special ingredient to take your Fall Schedule from “meh…” to “YOWZA!!”?

Spice up your line-up with any of our AMAZING and INNOVATIVE Variety Artists!!

Sailesh  – Top Rated Hypnotist

Dubbed “Best Hypnotist in the WORLD” by MTV Europe, Sailesh the Hypnotist is the MOST booked artist in the University/College market.  Sailesh combines this experience with a stage show that is both innovative and constantly evolving – creating a fresh experience for each audience.

Joel Meyers – Comedy Magician

Joel Meyers is an illusionist and a comedian, a master of the stage, and a magician. According to Newsweek, He’s a performer who will capture your imagination.

Chris Ruggiero – One Man Variety Show

Juggling knives and fire while riding atop a unicycle and reading the minds of a jaw-dropped audience is no small feat, but for Chris Ruggiero it’s what he calls a day job. With showmanship and enthusiasm, Chris Ruggiero evokes the essence of circuses of old.

Adam Trent – Comedy Magician

With 17 years of experience, Adam is a sheer force of entertainment and has been described as “Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield.” – GP4T Magazine.  Nuff Said.

Spidey – Mentalist

Whether he magically reads your thoughts or hypnotizes your friends to become superstar Chinese rappers, SPIDEY is ready for those who dare to be mesmerized! Spidey performs hypnosis as well as stage and close-up magic/mentalism.

Eric Mina – Comedy Hypnotist

A “natural entertainer” (the Sunday Times), Eric’s show is a side-splitting, mind-boggling event that will leave you believing your dreams are possible.

Aerial Angels – Aerial Stunts

Self-described “sassy circus girls,” the Aerial Angels are a troupe of versatile performers, who can do anything from trapeze and fire-eating to whip cracking and comedy. Perched atop their freestanding, hot-pink rig, the Aerial Angels blend what they like to call “smart-ass comedy” with “edge-of-your-seat thrill[s].”

Justin Willman – Magician

Justin is “a new breed of magician who’s making magic cool again for grown-ups,” says the Los Angeles Times, and this can certainly be seen from his sold out shows in LA and his national tours.

Still can’t make up your mind?!?!

Choose two or more variety artists and save BIG when you book!!

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