7 Quick Tips to Increase Your Event Attendance with Social Media

7 Quick Tips to Increase Your Event Attendance with Social Media

Leverage the Power of Facebook Events 

Although many experts believe that Facebook’s reach is dead, it is not true. Event creation on Facebook has only increased over the years, and it has been one of the biggest strengths for all organizers in grabbing attention.

Events created on Facebook provide organizers with visibility and allow interested attendees to register on the go with a few clicks. Facebook also allows organizers to re-target viewers of the event page, thus providing opportunities to boost attendance.

Advertise the Event through Organic Posts 

You should publish content about your event a month prior. This way, you give enough time for your posts to perform and reach a larger audience.  Don’t forget to share your content on all of your social media platforms. Don’t limit your efforts to only one.


Also, focus on the quality of your post more than the quantity. Don’t create a post with uninteresting content. Rather, create a post highlighting the behind-the-scenes efforts, show them the fun they can have during the event, intrigue them with the learnings they can have, and many more.  

Monitor your posts regularly, and if you see any of them performing well, then strategize your next upcoming post.



Use Hashtags for Organic Posts

When you’re promoting your events through organic posts, use hashtags, which are powerful tools featured on many social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. They work best when you pick up the branded hashtags for your event promotion. For hashtags to work, you must regularly post on these social platforms to get the desired result. Start posting about a month prior to the event, use the related hashtags, and let the content take its flow. Use more hashtags related to your event and topic, so it reaches the target audience.

Always Start Early 

It is unrealistic to expect attendees if you promote your event on social media platforms seven days prior. For your posts to perform well on social media, allow them ample time to reach your target audience. Also, if you are having a virtual event, choose a virtual event platform (i.e. Zoom, Twitch, Socio, etc.) that has all the capabilities to host the event in a successful manner.  


When you promote your event, start with a teaser. Show a glimpse of what is going to happen on the event date. After this, keep posting more engaging content around the event that keeps viewers engaged and intrigues them enough to register.  Also, promote your post on multiple social media platforms and take time to review performance.



Schedule Posts Ahead of Time 

It is easy for a few tasks to fall between the cracks when dealing with event promotion. And that is really not a good idea when you are aggressively talking about your event on social media platforms. The times you publish content depends on when your target audience is active, and if you miss publishing content on time, then you miss a few eyeballs. To avoid such unwanted situations, it is best to schedule your content using a social media scheduler. You can upload images and videos, provide hashtags, and schedule the content at once. This practice saves you time and doesn’t let important tasks take a back seat.

Run Ad Campaigns

If you want people to view your posts, consider running paid campaigns. Paid campaigns will always give you more traction over organic posts, but you mustn’t start promoting your event with paid campaigns. Start with organic approaches and slowly move over to paid campaigns. This will create a subsequent event profile on your social media page and let the attendees get a better vision of the event and register. 

Keep track of your campaigns and look at the results closely. Give them a few days to perform, but if you don’t see any noticeable value from the campaign, then tweak your strategy and start afresh.

Increase Word-of-Mouth 

You can create exciting contests where the viewers have to tag other people to claim the prize or where interested attendees can get a discount if they refer one or two more people. This practice will increase word-of-mouth and also help you get new followers, increase engagement, create hype, and increase event registration.  You can host the contest on any one platform, but you must promote the campaign on all social media channels to reach a larger audience.



If you need some ideas on how to organize your event, we are here to help you!

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